Thursday, May 13, 2010

les artistes?

last nite the husband, 'M' and i went to a painting bring a bottle of wine or whatever you want to drink and snacks...they provide everything else...

mine is on the left, the husband's on the right


can you guess what we are painting?

super concentration!

the key ingredient?



putting on the finishing touches

the artist signs her masterpiece

all done!


the teacher's

the husband's

(i canNOT get it to upload right)(GRRRR)(i'll keep trying)

it was a lot of fun and we all agreed to do it again next month...



Wendybob said...

HOW FUN!!! I wish there was something like that in our area... I used to take art and my husband wants to learn to paint!

Oh well, I'll just drink wine and bust out my mod-podge and get crafty!

Pam said...

VERY nice!!! I wish I could've have been there to take the class with you all. I would have loved to do that.

DangAndBlast! said...

I just did that at Pinot's Palette (formerly Pinot & Picasso) in Houston with my husband -- so much fun! Of course, when you have two semi-identical paintings at the end... I must take pictures of ours. Both are a lovely woodland scene, but the husband painted a flaming Eye of Sauron (from Lord of the Rings) in the sky in his...

Booze&paint is such a clever idea!

"M" said...

It was a lot of fun! Maybe next month's will be easier! :-)

Punchbugpug said...

were you all looking at the same bowl of fruit? so cool!

Sandy said...

Those turned out very well! We have one of those places here...looks like fun!

kristie said...

punchy, actually we weren't looking at a still life, the teacher just sort of told us what to do and showed us by doing it herself. there was an 'original' she had painted for us to look at also.

Emily said...

How fun! You guys are talented! No way I could do that.

Sena said...

That does look fun!!! I will definitely have to sign up for painting classes now. So jealous :)

calicodaisy said...

Wondeful! I want to go to one of those classes! I really want to learn to paint roses. I love shabby roses in a vase paintings.
-- michele