Thursday, April 8, 2010

zappos rocks! *EDITED

i ordered multiple pairs some shoes today from zappos... zappos rocks for several reasons:
  • free shipping
  • free returns
  • they have upgraded my shipping the past 2 times i've ordered and my shoes came pretty much
  • once i had a problem (my own fault) with a return & when i called, i talked to a human (just like on the tv commercials) and he was soooo NICE and assured me what i'd done was fine 
  • when you get to the confirmation page, there's a picture of a cute pug
what's NOT to like?

EDITED TO ADD PICTURES OF THE SHOES I ORDERED...they are all danskos...and all of you who know me know i LOVE me some danskos! 
i will NOT be keeping all three pairs!


C.l.o.v.e.r. said...

I might try shopping there just for the puggy pic. Haha, just kidding. :)
But I have always wondered how the service is! I think they ship to Canada too... I will have to test it out!

Sandy said...

I'm looking at some teva sandals on there...just not sure yet. Show us what you got.

Swampgirl said...

How will you decide????? All cute!

Tammy said...

Those are all the same shoe. I think you need to go to rehab...

kristie said...

tammy, who didn't know that (rehab), lol! i'm only keeping ONE pair ;-)

Sandy said...

I like them all! They sure look comfortable and stylish!