Friday, March 19, 2010

what i'm working on this weekend

i've been working on something for myself all week using scraps of fabric from projects for others:


but i just cannot seem to get very far in the process.....
maybe cause my helpers are always sleeping on the job?

i hope to finish it up this weekend (maybe i can convince them to nap in the windowsills)

has anyone been to target to see the new liberty of london stuff?

my coworker brought me this little goodie for mending her son's blanket:

i NEED to go to target!

have a great spring like weekend!



Pam said...

I've been to Target in the past week but I haven't noticed that new line. How'd I miss that? Super cute bin. And super cute helpers. What'd we do without supervision?

Sandy said...

If you see something pretty that mama is working on, SIT ON IT. You need to make a sign for the cats. I like those springy colors on whatever it is you're making. I thought it looks like a tablecloth but then it looks like it might be a full-length apron.

C.l.o.v.e.r. said...

What are you making? The fabrics all look good together!
And horray for your braces all coming off! I can remember that feeling of pain with those brackets. :(

Swampgirl said...

One of my helpers just hissed at me when I asked her to move!! When will the reveal be? I think it might be an apron....

AM said...

Yes! The Liberty of London line is in the home decor and clothing sections. The little girl clothes are OUT OF THIS WORLD ADORABLE. (seen them online)

What is that you are making? I really have no idea.

D said...

It looks like your helpers think you should craft less and snuggle more. :)

Random Musings Of My Life said...

I LOVE that line.. so pretty and girly