Wednesday, March 17, 2010


the doorbell rang tonite and it was a leprechaun...dressed* in a punchy outfit!

(the following photo shoot was v.e.r.y. difficult...not much cooperation was going on)

notice who just HAD to be in the picture?

punchy doesn't only make pug sized clothes! you call on her for ALL your pet clothes needs

happy st. pat's day!

*and he wore this outfit all day long! 


Pam said...

so adorable!

Emily said...

Thats too cute!

Sandy said...

What a beautiful doggy in a punchy original!

Page said...

Meant to ask you earlier and forgot...did you get the candle okay?? i was a little worried about shipping it!

kristie said...

page, YES, i got it and it arrived just fine. thanks! it smells really good (and summery).

"M" said...

What a cute leprechaun Barrett is!