Thursday, March 18, 2010

it's getting brighter...

...that light at the end of the i got all of the brackets from my lower braces removed save for 6 that are necessary to keep the tiny denture teeth in until i can get crowns put on the implants...i had forgotten how bad it is to get brackets off...i really and truly thought one of my teeth was going to fall out/get ripped out...and then i got an impression made to make a temporary retainer made that will have the denture teeth in it...getting an impression made makes me gag every time...

BUT, on the bright side:
  • in 2 weeks i will have zero pesky brackets!
  • i'm almost half way thru my 'waiting/healing' period with the implants
  • the only thing left in this looooooooooooong, arduous, $$$$$$$$ process is to whiten my teeth (completely optional but it's now or never, once the crowns are in there's no going back) and get the permanent crowns
  • yesterday we got a $$ check in the mail from insurance that paid for some of my dental surgery back in january
  • by the end of may or beginning of june i should be done
however, right now my 4 real teeth that are bracket hurt like the dickens...liquid dinner, anyone?


1 comment:

Pam said...

oh goodness girl!! You're right though, you are only getting closer to the end though. I remember those liquid meals quite well during braces time. ugh. I bet you have your first meal already planned out after all is said and done, right? lol!

Oh yeah, I HATE when they do those impressions. I just want to die!