Monday, February 15, 2010

weekend update ~ valentines edition

i did a LOT of random stuff this's like i have adult onset ADD...really...

  • went to grocery store...this is our routine...when we don't go to the grocery store on friday nite it sets the weekend off all wrong
  • the husband has been traveling a lot for work lately which equates to him eating junk at fast food restaurants for lunch which equates to him not being hungry at dinner which equates to me eating a bowl of granola and a banana for dinner during the month of february and march
  • so i had a bowl of granola for dinner
  • and then i finished watching a only took me 3 nites to watch it...i'm pathetic a person who falls asleep watching movies
  • and then i fell asleep
  • we were supposed to make a trek 45 minutes west to hobby lobby (that's the closest one to me and i go only rarely) BUT it snowed for the 3rd saturday in a we didn't go
  • i floundered about all morning
  • and finally finished a smock style apron that i'd started last weekend 
  • i think it makes a nice house cleaning smock
  • so i started cleaning the house
  • and then i made pizza for dinner (which is normally my friday nite dinner post grocery shopping when the  husband isn't traveling a lot for work and is hungry)
  • i put everything i could find in the fridge to use up on it: whole wheat crust, pizza sauce, pesto sauce, 3 chicken tenders sauteed and shredded, mozzarella cheese, parmesan cheese, cheddar cheese, diced tomato, bacon bits and fire roasted peppers and onions
  • here's what it looked like: 

  • i put my smock apron on again and finished cleaning the house
  • all told i did one million loads of laundry, ironed for several hours, tidied up the house, dusted, vacuumed, cleaned all 3 bathrooms, mopped the tile bathroom floors and scrubbed the master bath shower (with bon ami...which the husband found at ace hardware for $ cheap is that?)
  • then i watched another movie
  • it was really weird
  • and i fell asleep during the middle
  • but i woke up and finished watching
  • then i made dinner
  • and took the 2 extra mini chocolate lava cakes with fruit and whipped cream to my parents for valentines
  • i came home 2 hours later and watched the season premier of ruby that the dvr had taped for me
  • and fell asleep way too late for a 'school nite'
  • i did NOT have off today...
  • but i did go to traderjoes tonite which makes everything better!
hope your weekend was fabulous!


Emily said...

I love this post. Love your style of writing!

I have only seen the first mentioned movie... I liked it!

Sounds to me like your weekend was pretty laid back yet busy too.

That pizza looks GOOD!

Amanda said...

Next time you post pictures of food, I think your title should warn people "Do Not Ready if Hungry!" that pizza looks good! :(