Monday, March 8, 2010

things i finished while on blog break

i had a VERY successful blog break! here is the rundown of things i completed (red items were during weekend of february 27-28, black was during last week and blue from this past weekend):
  1. finished an apron for myself (cannot show picture until #14 reaches it's destination)
  2. finished reading a little house on the prairie book
  3. hawaii bunting for customer
  4. happy birthday sign for customer 
  5. kitchen bunting for customer
  6. finished cleaning 'february rooms' just in the nick of time!
  7. took down valentines decorations and put up easter decorations
  8. jackson's birthday bunting
  9. finished reading a book about tasha tudor
  10. finished reading another little house on the prairie book
  11. fixed a vintage apron (pictures below)
  12. made a small easter bunting for kitchen window
  13. made a pound of sugared walnuts
  14. finished an apron for AM (same pattern as mine, see #1)
so i have a box. A BOX of vintage linen items (handkerchiefs,  table cloths, guest towels, etc) that were languishing under a bed. it's a sin, i KNOW...last week i pulled the box out and sorted thru everything...the nice guest towels all got a soak to get the stains out...and i tossed in this hand embroidered linen apron to soak had yellow stains all down the front...this apron has been around for as long as i can was always in a drawer with another apron in the dining room when i was growing up...i need to ask my mom where it came from...also, for as long as i can remember it was missing one of the side ties:
 see the one lonely dangling side tie?

i tried it on and the non-adjustable neck tie was just too long for me...what to do, what to do? 

it has amazing HAND embroidered work all over it

even the pink bias trim is hand sewn on and then outlined in blue floss

i went thru my ginormous fabric stash and found some 100% cotton pink gingham and decided to make new adjustable neck ties and waist ties...


i <3 it!

tomorrow please come back for the search for the messiest craft room in america starring me and punchy!



    Sandy said...

    You sure did get a lot done! That vintage apron is so nice and crisp! Can't wait to see your and Punchy's messy craft rooms. My craft table is MESS, too. And I have not done any crafting since Christmas!

    Pam said...

    you've been BUSY!!!

    Great solution for the apron. The stitching work is gorgeous.

    Emily said...

    You were busy!

    I read about "damnation", how funny!!!!


    I have been enjoying the teas you sent. So far I have enjoyed the Yogi teas the best. YUM! Thank you again!!!