Wednesday, February 17, 2010

old fashioned smock apron

continuing with the copy cat aprons...this is a smock style apron i found in the stash:

it looks so much like the aprons my great grandmother wore on a daily basis! the calico is so soft (worn with age i'm sure) but it's a bit big...notice the arm's really long...also, notice the cat...he was being super needy cause we'd just gotten home from work

sew, what to do...

i used the original to make a tissue paper pattern and adjusted the armholes to be a bit 'tighter'...then i decided to use a fabric that AM got from the fabric market in korea cause as soon as i saw it i knew it was destined for this looks JUST one of my great grandmother's aprons:
i love it! i've washed it several times to soften up the fabric...the project took one yard of cotton fabric, 2 packs of bias tape (i'm really getting the hang of sewing on bias tape), 3 buttons and i 'made' button holes with embroidery floss and a tiny metal crochet hook (as was on the original):

the blue buttons came from a raincoat that belonged to my granny!
i really like the smock style and wore it all weekend while i cleaned the seemed perfect for that task...

and now on to mr. needy mcneedy pants:


we gave him plenty of love!

happy wednesday!


Sandy said...

You do such good sewing work! I think that's a very good talent/gift to have! It's so nice to be needed by a cat.

Emily said...

Love the apron smocks! Cute patterns.

Poor kitty.. he just wanted some attention.. you left him alone ALL DAY LONG... shame shame!!!!

Pam said...

Great job on replicating that pattern. that's awesome. I love the fabric!

Poor Tyler....he has such a hard life! ;)

Random Musings Of My Life said...

so cute.. love the color!

ezeldabeth said...

that fabric really IS the perfect apron fabric, i'll bet my grandma had one like it too! i have recently decided that i need aprons too - but my grandma was too petite for me, so i have been searching for a good pattern...i love this style, it would actually protect my looks great, thanks for sharing!