Thursday, February 4, 2010

let it snow!

for the record, my snow altar is 2 for 2:

january 29th - february 1, 2010

there is a round garden sphere beside the concrete's almost buried in the massive amount of snow we got, lol

we keep our squirrels WELL fed!

i love all the critter feet in the backyard

the snow was so drifted on the backdoor we couldn't open it, LOL!

more critter feet in the front yard...the husband thinks it was a deer (and YES, i saw one in our backyard this lie...all of you that have been to my house are probably astounded...i myself nearly fainted when i saw it)

our circle was engulfed in snow (this was didn't melt fast at all)

on monday afternoon the husband started digging us out so we could go to work on tuesday...i myself didn't step foot out the door from thursday when i got home from the dental surgery until tuesday morning when we went to work...

dear snow: thank you but i'm done now so go away for the rest of the year...hello, spring!


ps: schools were closed for THREE ridiculous is that? we got about 6inches of snow (granted a lot of ice but still...3 days?? the pavement was dry on wednesday)

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Emily said...

Love the pictures....

schools in my county get out for rain (because they think it will turn to snow later). when I was in school and we got out for Christmas Break, sometimes we would be out for almost a month because of the snow... but we were allowed so many snow days a year too so why not use them, right? HA HA!