Tuesday, February 9, 2010

last weekend's update ~ the valentine fairy visited

trying to get back in the swing of regular blogging...and weekend update really should happen on monday but yesterday was just too rushed so i opted to show the finished apron instead...so here goes last weekend's update (best i can remember):

friday - it rained noah's flood so we opted to skip our normal friday nite grocery store shopping and just went home directly from work...i think i cooked rice and chicken with peanut sauce but really cannot remember...so it must have been an unremarkable meal...i think i cut out the pink floral apron and then i for certain finished reading 'little house in the big woods'...what a great book! like pam did last year, i'm rereading the entire series this year...i think was born in the wrong century cause i'd like to live in pioneer times (for probably about 5 minutes)!

  • got up early and met someone for coffee/delivered a handpainted valentine sign
  • went to spa for a facial
  • went to my parent's house so the husband could cut out some wooden hearts 
  • went to the grocery store
  • made three mickey mouse applique t-shirts for friend who is going to disney next week
  • painted the wooden hearts 
  • went to airport to pick up inlaws
  • made pumpkin penne pasta with chicken for dinner...YUM
  • finished painting the wooden hearts (they are going to be magnets - a friend ordered them to use for valentine teacher gifts)
  • finished my apron
  • cut out another apron
  • cut out another apron (i have difficulty finishing something before i move on to something else...clearly)
  • put away winter decor
  • put up valentine decor
  • cleaned the house
  • did one million loads of laundry
  • went to 'M's to watch superbowl and eat lots of goodies including chili...and these mini chicken tacos from traderjoes that were to die for
here are some pictures of my valentine decor...it's pretty much concentrated in the kitchen:
yep, that's a christmas tree...and a tin house leftover from christmas too...

 i switched out the aprons to pink and red ones 


i also attempted to make some sugared pecans on sunday afternoon...we've been buying them from trader joes to make our favorite salad...but they are $$...sooooo, was i successful?  come back tomorrow to find out!

have you decorated/do you decorate for valentines? 



Sandy said...

your decorations are lovely!

Emily said...

Sounds like an awesome weekend. Decorations are very pretty! I love the little tree with the hearts.

C.l.o.v.e.r. said...

Your Valentines decor is really cute!! I just realized yesterday that we still have our Christmas wreath up... haha, we are the worst!! So by next month I might get some Valentine things out. :)