Saturday, January 9, 2010

sophie say...brrr it's so cold!

it's cold so sophie got in the bed...what? you cannot see her?

there she is!

snuggled deep down in the pillows! smart girl, bet she's warm...

have a warm's really cold here!

tomorrow we are going on a little road will take 4 hours...then i will be in a major city...for 2 days...shops, museums, siteseeing...where do you think we're going???



"M" said...

That's where Ming is too...under the covers. At least you got your bed made before Sophie got in!

Pam said...

Jazzy's been doing the same thing in the pillows on the guest bed. It's freezing here. Suppose to get to 40 next week though. WOO!

Sandy said...

OH Sophie is so smart. Emma and I were under the covers today, too. I think you are going to Washington DC??

Tammy said...

It's been crazy cold here too!