Tuesday, January 19, 2010

final thoughts on DC and a walking tour around my hotel

my sole source of transportation during our brief stay in DC was walking...everything i wanted to see was within a few blocks of our hotel...above is the front of the white house...and directly across the street was blair house:
beside the white house is the eisenhower executive office building and this statue is in the backyard...the gold was just gleaming in the sun:
the eisenhower building is really pretty and looks more like a french hotel:
the famous white house kitchen garden was visible from the white house back yard:
i think the rear of the white house is prettier than the front:
the smithsonian museum of natural history's dome stands out...this is where the elephant rotunda is from yesterday's post (this is the view from the mall entrance):
the smithsonian 'castle' was beautiful and looked more like a cathedral from the outside:

the washington monument stands at one end of the mall:
and the capitol is at the other end....one mile separates them:
this building houses the aquarium, but i didn't visit there this trip:
part of the national press building which housed our hotel:
this was on the facade of a building i passed along pennsylvania ave:
the architecture in DC is really neat...each building is unique...

the husband goes to this particular conference every year but it's never occurred to me to go until now and i'm really glad i tagged along...there is so much to see in our nation's capitol and i barely even scratched the surface in my 48 hour stay...so, i will definitely be going back next year and the next!

i highly suggest a trip to DC...there is something for everyone: good restaurants, museums, history, shopping, etc...the only negative this trip was the cold...i think it was way below normal (the entire east coast was in the midst of the coldest weather in YEARS) but regardless i'm pretty certain that january in DC is going to be cold...i had to borrow a coat (cause my winter coat isn't suitable for temps below about 40) and really needed a hat...next year i'll be better prepared! if you find yourself in DC next january, let's meet up and see some sites!



Sandy said...

I loved seeing these pictures of DC. I think you might enjoy the new Dan Brown book, Lost Symbol...it takes place in many of those buildings.

Swampgirl said...

Even though it was cold, your pictures are so good- the sky is so blue. The only time I've been to DC there was so much fog we could hardly see the buildings! I'd love to go back!

Gerry said...

Great photos. Would love to go someday. Hear that, Swampgirl

xxoo lilly