Monday, January 18, 2010

DC continued...national musuem of natural history

on my final day (really 2.5 hours as we were leaving at noon on the dot to head back home) in DC i headed back to the smithsonian museums area and went to the national museum of natural history...the museum is centered around a grand rotunda that is about 5 stories high! it's really breathtaking...the fixture of the rotunda is the african bush elephant and serves as a traditional meeting place for museum visitors...

he's HUGE

due to very limited time i really rushed thru the exhibits...first i went to the hall of mammals...there are 274 taxidermic specimens on is a giraffe:

i think the fact that i was surrounded by stuffed animals really freaked me out...i didn't like it at was really creepy...taxidermy isn't my thing...i think i prefer a zoo type of situation where the animals are real...this musuem is FULL of taxidermy (the ocean hall and the birds of DC exhibit were all i could take...i skipped reptiles, dinosaurs and ice age for fear of what i might see)

however...up on the second floor i found something more to my liking! the harry winston sponsered gem exhibit including the 45.52 carat hope diamond:

included in the harry winson exhibit was a room full of jewels that spanned from marie antionette to present are some of my favorite pieces:

this crown didn't photo well but i loved the turqoise in it...very unique!

and this display of pearls was very pretty...i am drawn to pearls, maybe because they are my birthstone...
i breezed thru the entire museum in 1 hour, did some quick backtrack shopping and made it back to the hotel with 10 minutes to spare before checkout!

tomorrow: final sights around DC and my thoughts on the trip


coming up wednesday: no 'poo....who's intrigued????

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