Thursday, January 14, 2010

brrrr it was cold in DC....continued!

after spending time at julia's kitchen i walked over to the first ladies exhibit...there were about 20 dresses on display ( they rotate them often) is a dress worn by the FIRST first lady, martha really amazed me that a dress this old could be in this great condition...

on the same wing was a small exhibit of a large, 23 room dollhouse that belonged to one faith was amazing! the detail and amount of objects in this dollhouse was incredible:

from there i headed to the pop culture wing and saw dorothy's ruby red slippers (size 5):

kermit THE frog:

and fonzie's leather jacket:
that's minnie pearl's hat in peeking in the corner!

there are lots of things displayed all over the museum in the hallways between the wings...there was an apron that caught my eye...i loved the chicken scratch also reminded me of dorothys' pinafore in the wizard of oz...if i could have gotten behind the glass i would have taken it, really i would!

i left the museum of american history and headed back up pennsylvania ave towards the white house and another small, lesser know smithsonian museum the renwick gallery... i had heard about this 'ghost clock' piece of art and was confused as to why a clock covered in a sheet was art:
here 'ghost clock'is person...none of the art in this museum was behind glass or could touch it if you wanted (although most of it you were asked NOT to touch)...i stared at it for a few minutes and thought: wow, that's weird! hmmm, i could cover something with a sheet and call it 'art'....

then i read the placard:
holy cow! indeed it was a piece of carved wood! here are some close ups...this was insane! i cannot imagine someone carving this out of a block of wood. it was SO realistic!

this was an interesting piece of art: (i meant to ask a docent, but i think the stuff on the floor had actually broken off and wasn't supposed to be that way):

here is the description:
the renwick was a great place and i'm glad i took the time to visit...

tomorrow: MORE smithsonian and DC landmarks!



Page said...

ooohh, so incredible. i'm a sucker for museums, but that dress worn by martha washington is AMAZING and the mahogany cover on the clock is unreal. you're making me want to go to dc!! (i've only been once a few years ago and went to the natural history portion of the smithsonian.) love it! can't wait to see your next post!

Emily said...

I remember the doll houses from my trip a long time ago. I have pictures somewhere... I need to find them.

Pam said...

wow that clock is amazing!

I loved seeing the first ladies dresses when we were there. I agree...I couldn't believe they were in such great condition.

C.l.o.v.e.r. said...

Thanks for sharing your pics! I love museums and history and I felt like I was touring around with you, lol!
I recently got an email I will have to forward to you - this guy carved all kinds of things out out wood... it's insane, you'll have to see it. I'm going to go see if I can find it in my email...

D said...

So neat, I'm loving your D.C. pictures. We were in D.C. last February and it was FREEZING.