Saturday, January 16, 2010

books read 2010

50. naturally thin: unleash your skinny girl and free yourself from a lifetime of dieting, bethanny frankel
49. in defense of food: an eater's manifsto, michael pollan
48. give it up! my year of learning to live better with less, mary carlomagno
47. the bucolic plague, josh kilmer-purcell
46. this is why you are fat (and how to get thin forever), jackie warner
45. uncharted territori, tori spelling
44. the man i should have married, pamela redmond satran  
43. promises to keep, jane green
42. lowcountry summer, dorothea benton frank
41. pretty in plaid, jen lancaster
40. such a pretty fat, jen lancaster
39. living like ed, ed begley jr
38. bright lights big ass, jen lancaster
37.bitter is the new black, jen lancaster
36. working stiff, tori carrington
35. ed begley, jr.'s guide to sustainable living, ed begley, jr.
34. the circle of simplicity: return to the good life, cecile andrews
33. babes in captivity, pamela redmond satran =
32. the beach house, jane green =
31. swimming pool sunday, madeleine wickham =
30. every last one, anna quindlen = wow. what a great book...was dark, but good. highly suggest!
29. nothing's too small to make a difference, wanda urbanksa and frank levering
28. every day in tuscany, frances mayes =
27. the help, kathryn stockett =
26. saving ceecee honeycutt, beth hoffman =
25. the girl who chased the moon, sarah addison allen =
24. the sugar queen, sarah addison allen =
23. garden spells, sarah addison allen =
22. julia's kitchen wisdom, julia child =
21. west from home, laura ingalls wilder =
20. laura ingalls wilder: a biography, william anderson =
19. on the way home, laura ingalls wilder =
18. the first four years, laura ingalls wilder =
17. these happy golden years, laura ingalls wilder =
16. the long winter, laura ingalls wilder =
15. by the shores of silver lake, laura ingalls wilder =
14. the private world of tasha tudor, tasha tudor, richard brown =
13. on the banks of plum creek, laura ingalls wilder = the ingalls continue to struggle while now living in minnesota...they must deal with a grasshopper invasion, complete crop loss, hot dry summers and massive's amazing what people had to live thru back then and how they survived on so little (by today's standards)
12. how to sew a button, erin bried = cute book full of tips all culled from a group of grandmothers that the author interviewed...i didn't really learn anything i didn't already know BUT the ideas in this book solidified things i've recently discovered (baking soda & vinegar can clean anything, make do and mend, don't live beyond your means, home cooked is better for you, fresh is best, etc). this would be a great book to give to a younger woman who was just getting married or starting her own household!
11. farmer boy, laura ingalls wilder = a nice diversion from the ingalls family, this book focuses on almanzo wilder, laura's future husband. it was interesting to see how his family life differed from laura's as they seemed a bit more affluent perhaps because they lived closer to a town.
10. little house on the prairie, laura ingalls wilder = wow, they had a rough first year on the prairie...not sure if i want to be 'half pint' now...6 more books to go in the series...
9. nanny returns, emma mclaughlin & nicola kraus = the sequel to 'the nanny diaries'...i read it in 3 days and loved it! if you read the first book (or saw the movie) and enjoyed it, you are guaranteed to like this book.
8. little house in the big woods, laura ingalls wilder = i want to live in simpler times. nothing more to say.
7. shelter for the spirit: create your own haven in a hectic world, victoria moran = another of the 'self help' type books i checked out from the library...i liked this book, it had lots of good positive ideas and thoughts about homes, making a home, dealing with everyday necessities (like cleaning) and keeping a positive outlook...a good read if you are feeling overwhelmed with your day to day routine in your home life.
6. return to sullivan's island, dorothea benton frank = for some reason i REALLY didn't like this book at all. normally i love her books but this one (which is a sequel to a book that i did like) just didn't hit me quite seemed contrived and pushed all at the same time. if you've read this book i'd love to hear your opinion!
5. nesting, it's a chick thing = blah, this book did nothing for me. it's a conglomeration of a bunch if 'tips' but none pertained to me. thankfully i only borrowed it from the library.
4. the apron book, ellynanne geisel = i *heart* aprons and this little book was a fast read regarding aprons, the history of aprons and had lovely pictures of aprons i wish i had and basic apron patterns.
3. my life in france, julia child = one word: LOVE. i LOVE julia and loved reading about her time in france. it was only happenstance that she and paul ended up there (due to his job) and if she'd never gone things would have been so different. just simply a great story.
2. it's all too much, peter walsh = in my quest to declutter & get organized this year i've checked out several 'self help' books from the library. this one was written by the organizing guru on tlc's clean sweep. i am no where near as bad of shape as people on that show, but i still garnered several good ideas from the book.
1. best friends forever, jennifer weiner = LOVED it (read in 3 days)! highly suggest you read this book. has some of weiner's usual themes...

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