Monday, November 16, 2009

every cloud has a silver lining

soooo, i stayed home from work today cause i've got a really bad headache...i've had it pretty much since saturday...on saturday i'd of told you it was induced by the husband's burning of some was supposed to smell like balsam pine trees but it actually smelled like a forest fire...not in a good way...but that was saturday and the forest fire smell is long gone.

on sunday i'd of told you it was caused by my niece and 3 nephews screaming their heads off at nephew #3s birthday party...but we got out of there as fast as we could as soon as that ruckus started so in reality i cannot blame them.

i took some sort of sinus medication last nite at about 11pm...then i woke up at 2:30am with a splitting headache (really, really painful) so i took some ibuprofen...when the alarm went off at 6am my head was still hurting...i took 2 tylenol and decided to stay home for the day...nothing has seemed to help, it's almost 8pm and my head still for other symptoms: i have ever so slight congestion (sinus type) and a dry cough...and i'm achey all over, but i have no fever at all... please feel free to diagnose me as i don't want to have to pay for the doctor to tell me there is nothing she can give me to make me feel better (my insurance now only pays for 'well visits' - boo).

now you may be wondering what is the silver lining to this? today at 2pm i had an appointment at the periodontist to see how the spacing in lower arch was going in order to get 2 dental implants after i get these braces off. i briefly considered cancelling the appointment but really wanted to hear what he thought (i've been waiting since APRIL for the orthodontist to send me back to the periodontist) he took an x-ray and proclaimed that there was enough space on both sides (i need 2 implants) AND he thought he could go ahead with the implants while i was still in braces!!!!! originally he said i would have to get the braces off, wait 6 weeks, have the implant surgery, wait 3 months and then get he said he could do the implants at any point now, with or without the braces still on! YIPPEE! the only wrench in the plan is that i also want (not need, want) gum surgery on the upper arch to even all my teeth out (lenghwise) and in order to do that, the top braces have to be off. the difference in doing both surgeries at once vs. doing the bottom now and the top whenever i get those off is about $600 (basically the anesthesia)...i go to the orthodontist in 3 weeks and you better believe i'll be begging to get the top braces off so i can proceed with both surgeries and be that much closer to the end of this crazy longer and way more complicated than i ever dreamed in my life braces saga...

if you read all this - you rock!

ps: any and all headache remedies greatly welcomed!


Sandy said...

I hope you are feeling better by the time you read this comment! Your scenarios of why you had a headache made me laugh! All very good reasons for a headache. Wow, that's a lot of work going on in your mouth. Hope it all goes well and is over quickly! I had gum surgery before when my gum was receding from my tooth..they took a skin graph from the roof of my mouth...not too bad.

Punchbugpug said...

My teeth hurt just reading all this!

Pam said...

wow. I hope they'll be able to do the whole thing at once. It makes my head (and teeth) hurt to just think about having to go back for another surgery.

I hope your head is feeling better too.

chalica pack said...

Girl- I have seen you in person and I swear there was nothing wrong with your teeth!