Thursday, September 10, 2009

show and tell thursday ~ vintage margaret edition

a couple of weekends ago we washed ALL the crystal and glassware at the great aunt's house in preparation for having a tag sale...there are several pairs of candlesticks and one in particular had caught my eye for weeks...once they were washed they were even prettier so that weekend i took them home and swapped them out for the tarnished silver ones that were on our dining room table:

(my apologies for the poor picture quality...i took this picture this morning before work)
i have no idea what the pattern or design name i was hoping that maybe an astute reader would recognize it
here's some better lighting for you

there are cuts in the base

and this flower on the stem of the candlestick

my neighbor has loaned us this book to help us identify some of the glassware and help in pricing it all, but this pattern is not in the book
does this mean it's pre 1940s??? or post 1060s???? there are several pieces in this pattern so it would be helpful to know the name of it in order to price is accordingly...


Sandy said...

I can't help you name it but it's so pretty!

Swampgirl said...

They are beautiful! I suggest emailing the picture and they will research and identify it for you. They are located in Greensboro. On their site they tell you excactly how to send the info they need. I have gotten them to find the names of some vintage china patterns!

Pam said...

I have no idea about the pattern but it is really lovely.

Magnolia Sun said...

They are so pretty and hopefully you can't find out what the pattern is.