Thursday, August 27, 2009

show and tell thursday ~ vintage margaret edition

i found these 2 huge old pickle(?) jars in the pantry at the great aunt's house a couple of weeks ago (thankfully they were empty!) first i was going to toss them in the recycling bins but then it hit me: where can you find nice big old jars like this with metal lids anymore? everything comes in plastic these i decided to save them and use them for something or other...

they were really really really filthy

see where i just rubbed away some of the grime off the lid?

jar on left has been washed...jar on right is still filmy

after the lids took a quick trip to the attic for some spray paint in cheery red:

bias tape storage in the craft room!

the lids look perfect's hard to believe they were ever so yucky as they once were

i am so glad i didn't toss them in the recycle bins after all
and guess what the husband found sunday in the storage shed over at the great aunt's house...

i think i'm seeing turquoise blue in their future*

have you ever taken an usual item and used it for storage?


*the nails have got to go, though


Sandy said...

That looks really good after you cleaned and painted it! I had an old jar like that and kept my matches in it. But the lid part finally detached from the glass part. I guess it was a stress fracture from being lifted up by the top.

D said...

Since they say Kraft my guess is that they used to be mayo jars. But that would be a heck of a lot of mayo!!

Pam said...

I love them! the first thing I thought of when I was reading was "hey you could put ribbon in those!" haha.

Really, a great idea for the craft room. I have an old tin full of buttons that came from my grandmothers house. I use to play with them as a kid (string them with a needle and thread..anything that would keep me busy). I always wanted to find a way to display them somehow and it just hit me that I need to find a clear jar to put them in. So simple and it NEVER dawned on me. That's why I need you to do posts like this to kick me swiftly in the head. ;)

Magnolia Sun said...

I love the red tops, you really could put all kinds of crafty supplies in them.

AM said...

What a great idea! You are just so darn creative!