Friday, August 28, 2009

i "<3" etsy!

recently sandy listed some halloween 'tags' in her etsy shop and i scooped them right up...they arrived in the mail yesterday and i LOVE them!
they are really big, way bigger and better than i thought they would be

i'm not sure how she made them but the printed design is sort of on fabric (feel free to explain your process, sandy...OR if it's proprietary information we will understand)

i have a lot of 'vintage' halloween decorations and these tags are going to fit right in...i plan on hanging them from door knobs and whatnot...yes, i'm hoarding them for myself...they are too cute to let go!

also in the package she included these wee little halloween goodies that can either be used in a scrapbook or would make great gift tags by punching a hole in them and adding string:

i like this spider a lot!

have you purchased anything fabulous from an etsy store recently...tell us about it, please!

so, whose ready for halloween? i know i am....this hot weather is getting very old...the weatherman reports we will be having temperatures in the low 80s and maybe (fingers crossed) some 70s next week!

in hopes of cooler weather i will be having a halloween giveaway at the beginning of next week so be sure to stop back by to enter...

have a great weekend!



Sandy said...

Wow, thanks for that shout-out on my etsy store. I do enjoy making the tags and cards. I sure wish I had more time to devote to it! Thanks for all the good ideas, too.

I am going to do a Halloween giveaway, too. I bought an item I saw recently and thought it would make a nice giveaway! I should do mine at the same time as yours!

Pam said...

Oh, those are fabulous!!! I love Halloween. It's my favorite one to deorate for.

Magnolia Sun said...

I have TWO Halloween decorations! Maybe I'll get into it more with everyone else's decorations.

AM said...

I didnt realize those were big tags! I love that idea. So fabulous. I ordered a couple of cards from her too.