Friday, August 21, 2009

all done~ a story of re-purpose

the new tv/entertainment center in the bedroom is finally complete*...i use to subscribe to the school of thought that all tvs needed to be behind closed doors when you were not watching when the new style tvs debuted i freaked out when i realized that no new tv would ever fit into any of our entertainment centers...however, i saw an idea on a website to use an old chest of drawers as a tv stand and i ran with it...during our first foray to the great aunt's house to declutter, the husband immediately spied an antique chest of drawers in the office...we quickly measured the piece and deemed it perfect for our use...a few weeks later with some tweaking by the husband to make a space for the dvd player and cable box and my vision came into being!

last weekend i found the key to the drawers!

i was also concerned about the remotes scratching up the top of the piece so we took one of the MANY ashtrays from great aunt's and use that corral them:

it's not a particularly lovely looks very 1960s...but it does the job and i like the idea that it too came from the same place as the chest of drawers:

in order to use up some of the extra space on the shelf with the components i decided to store some dvds (they are the perfect height)...the husband found these bookends in the office at the great aunt's house too...i never noticed them as the office is jam packed full of so much stuff...but here in our house they aren't lost in the mix...sophie however doesn't know exactly how she feels about the 'dogs' yet...
upon completion of the project i can truly say that i LOVE it...i have no qualms about the tv not being enclosed...BUT, i think the reason i love it so much is because it's very nontraditional (meaning not a true entertainment center meant for a tv such as this)'s something that i created and made it to be just what i wanted.

save for drilling a small hole in the back of the chest of drawers, nothing was done to destroy the functionality of the piece...the piece of wood the husband placed in the drawer opening can be simply lifted out at any time and the drawer replaced.

the only money spent on the project was for a $15 piece of plywood...all other supplies we already had (stain, polyurethane, etc)...we did have to spend TIME cleaning the piece, polishing it, lining the drawers, and of course we had to buy the tv...and we gave our old entertainment center to a family who has just moved to our country and do not have very many things...all in all it was a win/win situation.

the moral of this story is to THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX and use what you have...i am always opposed to purchasing a brand new piece of furniture if you can find something your parent's attic, craigslist, go to a thrift's the 'reuse' part of 'reduce, reuse, recycle'...we have turned a thrift store dresser into a nice piece of furniture in our living room and took the husband's grandmother's very very very ugly triple dresser and turned into a buffet with a wine rack for his sister...i know everyone doesn't have this 'vision' but look to websites and magazines for inspiration!

now, what have YOU 're-purposed' into something fabulous?


*what, everyone doesn't have a cat on their entertainment center???


Punchbugpug said...

It turned out so great! How neat to "shop" that way!

PS - I wish Aunt Margaret collected Pug stuff!

Pam said...

It's not too mind blowing but I had a shelf unit that I once used in the kitchen and stopped using when we moved because I didn't care for it. Later we needed somewhere to store TV equipment upstairs in the den so I repainted it and it holds the cable box, DVD player, Wii (and all the games) and the Wii fit board slides directly under it. As if it were meant to fit.

The new cabinet looks great. I love the Tyler accessory the best though.

Magnolia Sun said...

it looks great, you both have such vision with things.

Swampgirl said...

It turned out great! I love the storage that you have for all the "stuff" that our TV's need today! But, I especially love the cat on the entertainment center...Seven sleeps on out DVD player so she is always on ours!