Thursday, July 9, 2009

sticking to my resolutions...

since it's JULY and the year is half over i decided to revisit my resolutions...and i'm not doing so great (big shock, no?) in order to somewhat attempt to rescue something out of them i decided to clean out my clothes closets over july fourth weekend...who doesn't want to spend a day off work trying on practically everything they own and ironing/washing/folding for an entire weekend?

i should have taken a 'before' picture...but i probably would have been too embarrassed to post it...let's just say i've been having trouble getting ready for work in the morning....EVERY morning because the closet was such a wreck...

but wreck it is no more:

all my shirts/blouses/cardigans and t-shirts are hanging by color/sleeve length and fiber

shorts/capri pants/camisoles and pajama pants are stacked on the center shelves

umm...i may have too many pajama pants but i couldn't bear to part with any of them

summer shoes on the floor (and i've run out of the clear boxes)

winter shoes are stacked to the ceiling

i'm pleased with my work!

yesterday we took a trunk full of things that no longer fit or that i just didn't tend to wear to feels really good to just simply get them out of the house...i also piddled around some in other areas of the house cleaning and organizing and getting rid of...i didn't even go thru my fall/winter clothes...i'll save that for fall.
this weekend i hope to keep up with the purge...i need to get rid of stuff that's under the beds...if it's under the beds and i never use it, clearly it's not important... do YOU organize? got any tips for me?



Swampgirl said...

Your closet looks wonderful! I SO need to do that! I'm having a yard sale with some friends next weekend so I've been dragging stuff out of my attic. I did go through the boys' clothes this week- I'm ashamed to say that there were 3rd grade clothes in an 8th grade closet!

Mrs. D said...

you are SUPER organized...did I see labels on those shoe boxes?? wow, am very impressed.

girlville said...

mrs. d: yes, my shoe boxes are labeled...i like to label everything, lol.

Magnolia Sun said...

I really should get some of the shoe boxes, I don't have a lot of shoes but it would be a lot less junky looking. Since we've been moving every few years for 20 years I haven't had a problem keeping things straightened out, now that we aren't moving we will see how I do. Your closet looks great.

Random Musings Of My Life said...

Very clean.. I have to do the same thing about every month... I can not wait to get ride of most of my clothes when I finally get this weight off!