Monday, July 6, 2009

a silk purse from a sow's ear...

just after we returned from the beach in may but before we went to LA in june my grandparent's house was sold...we never did 'redo' it as it was going to be a major undertaking and everyone knows now isn't the best time in the world to be trying to selling a instead of putting a lot of work into it and maybe getting a little more money for it my mother was lucky enough to find someone to buy it as is...still, everything in the house and in the shed outside had to be cleared out...after everyone in the family took what they wanted there still remained a couple of pieces of furniture that weren't the prettiest...but i hated to just send them to i took four of the 'leftovers' and have big plans for them!

here is the first piece that we (me and the husband, he's my worker bee who brings my brilliant ideas to fruition) have rehabilitated:

(click on any picture to enlarge)
this piece was in my grandparent's foyer in the house they lived in for the majority of my the house they lived in for the past 15ish years it was in my granny's craftroom and was full of junk*.

it's very 1970's looking, i think...NOT something i picture in my house at all...but still i like the lines of it, for the most part.

i did NOT like the knobs at all...nor the faux wormholes...nor really did i like the 'carving' on the doors...

here is the husband hard at work priming and painting before our trip to LA

nearly done...only the 2 hinged doors weren't complete before we left for a week on the west coast...where i had plans to remedy the ugly knob situation...

and just this past weekend i finally finished 'decorating' it:

the paint is 'raspberry truffle' by benjamin moore and the knob is a turquoise porcelain with zinc center that i found at anthropologie in LA...i can officially say that now i LOVE this cabinet! i don't even mind the carvings on the door anymore...i think it has gone from 'hello, 1972' to 'rockin' morrocan'

in the monkey dish: old fishing weights that belonged to my grandfather (i found them in the shed when we cleaned it out) ...since i took this picture i've also added a couple of shells we found at venice beach

and cascading from the picture is silver straw 'star' garland that norman sent me for my birthday...i thought it looked very 'july 4th'

i hung the matching red straw star garland on the mantle

it made for a festive weekend!
one piece down...three more to go...the husband is hard at work on the second's proving to be a doozie!

ps: there WILL be more LA pictures when i get time to label them...

*i've already filled it with my own junk!


Sandy said...

Wow, it is so amazing to see what you did to the furniture. It looks great. I just don't have vision like that.

Swampgirl said...

I love it! The color and the knobs make such a big difference! And I never turn away another place for storage -I've got two "gifts" from a neighbor who moved that need a facelift like this!

AM said...

That's fantastic! I love what you did with it! I love boldly painted wood furniture. Growing up, I had a dark lime green nightstand. Nice wood. I loved it. One day I will find something like it.

Magnolia Sun said...

it really is amazing what a can of paint can do, excellent job on the hardware too. I can't wait to see your other treasures.

Pam said...

I love teh color and those new knobs. It looks great under that picture.