Thursday, July 9, 2009

i think i'm addicted to reality tv...

    currently i watch and/or dvr on a regular basis**:
  1. ruby
  2. keeping up with the kardashians
  3. tori and dean, home sweet hollywood
  4. denise richards, it's complicated
  5. 18 kids and counting
  6. ace of cakes
  7. clean house
  8. living with ed

so, what are you watching these days?


**note the absence of J&K+8...i will never watch them again...ever...


Maggie said...

My roommate watches Wife Swap and I totally get sucked in. I also love to catch the Real Housewives of Jersey.

Random Musings Of My Life said...

I am totally with you.. but different shows.. I LOVE reality tv.. there I said it! pretty soon we are both going to be on Intervention..ha ha

Sandy said...

well...I like reality TV too. It's terrible. I like the Housewives of whatever city and I like the wedding shows and cake shows. I watch Southern Belles that comes on the Soap channel. OH...there's a show that I just caught a while back called Rehab at the is so .... something?? The young people pay lots of money to get a lounge chair or cabana and pay lots of money to drink the alcohol! And plenty of drama.

Pam said...

I love watching Ruby. I've caught a few episodes of the Denise Richards show. I really like watching The Little Couple on TLC and I've gotten sucked in to Gene Simmons Family Jewels after a marathon was on one Sunday afternoon. Now, my TiVo is filled with episodes.