Monday, June 22, 2009's my birthday week!!!


in honor of my birthday week i'm kicking things off with a little contest! here are the've got to come up with the answers:

1. what year was i born?
2. what is my LEAST favorite mode of transportation?
3. who was the FIRST blogger i ever met in real life?
4. what’s the farthest i’ve ever been from home?
5. where did we go for our honeymoon?
6. what color is my craft room?
7. the first time i ever posted a picture of me and the husband, who did AM say i looked like?
8. who was the first blogger i’ve met in real life to post a comment on my blog?
9. what beach do the husband and i go to frequently?
10. what’s the craziest thing our cat tyler ever did?

PLEASE NOTE...COMMENTS ARE NOT OPEN YET...comments will open on friday at 8am est and will be moderated!

whoever gets the most correct wins a prize pack picked especially for them! if more than one person getst the same number correct, the husband will draw the winner (and i may do more then one winner...)

stay tuned for more 'birthday week'...



Amanda said...

Ok, i looked up some answers but guessed on others. Here's my feeble attempt:

1. 1975?
2. Airplane
3. AM
4. London
5. Disney World
6. purple
7. Lorelei Gilmore
8. RPM
9. Myrtle Beach
10. Batted pompoms

Goodboy Norman Featherstone said...

I'm not cheating on this one by going through your blog to find the answers. I'm going to answer these from my memory and guess at the rest. LOL! Here goes...

1 - 1968
2 - Flying
3 - Chalica
4 - California
5 - Mexico
6 - Blue
7 - Sandra Bullock
8 - Sandy
9 - Myrtle Beach (this is wrong for sure)
10 - Ran for President

Punchbugpug said...

1. 1968
2. Flying
3. M (except she wasn't blogging when you met her)
4. London
5. Disney World - Orlando
6. Lavender
7. Lorelei Gilmore
8. Sandy
9. Myrtle Beach, SC
10. Jumped through 2nd story window

"M" said...

2) flying
3) well you knew me first but I wasn't blogging so I don't think that counts. so I'm going w/ AM
4) England
5) Disney
6) purple
7) ??
8) AM
9) mrytle
10) jumped out of the window

AM said...

1. 1968
2. plane
3. AM
4. LA
5. Disney World
6. lavender
7. the actress that plays Loreli Gilmore.

8. Sandy
9. Myrtle Beach, SC
10. take over your blog!