Tuesday, April 14, 2009

a grammer lesson

guess what? 'netflixed' IS a verb...it says so right here...tyler is thrilled about it too, can't you tell?

mrs. d, we've 'netflixed' since 2003 (i looked it up...wow, that's a looooong time) and i like it a lot. we are on the $16.99 per month plan which includes 3 dvd's at a time unlimited (meaning you can have 3 movies at your house at a time and as many per month as you can watch and send back and get another) and unlimited instant play (for movies that are available on demand on your pc) (not all movies are available on demand)...turn around time for my city is about 2 days: if i mail a movie back on monday i generally get it's replacement on wednesday...there are several plans you can subscribe to at different price points...another thing i like is that you can have 'friend's (just like facebook) and see what movies they are renting and if they like them or not...pam has netflix too...do you like it, pam?

tyler doesn't really care for watching movies
and yes, norman, we can plant over here already...our last frost date is april 15th so we lived on the edge and planted on the 10th and crossed our paws that it would be okay for 5 days...may 5th is like forever from now...it must be cold up in the mountains!
tornadoes may be coming tonite...i see the closet in my future...


Pam said...

I love Netflix. I kept tossing around the idea of joining for nearly 2 years but after a friend of mine joined and kept talking about how great it was, I gave in. I'm glad I did. The husband wasn't so sure about it at first but after we started getting those red envelopes in the mail and saw how easy it was, he's sold. He asks me each week what disks we have on the way. ha.
The one thing I like about it is that there are many plans to sign up for and you can flex back and forth between different ones. For example, we are on the 2 at a time plan right now but in the summer when all the regular prime time shows are on hiatus, we increase it to 3 at a time.

amylouwho said...

I'm a netflixer too (I figure that must be a word too - someone who netflixes). We love it! We cancelled our cable and now we watch our favorite shows online and on DVD. Plus all the great BBC miniseries we've gotten hooked on.

girlville said...

pam, you bring up a good point re: the ability to flex between plans...i've done that myself a couple of times

amy, i'm SO hooked on BBC stuff: cranford, persuasion (2 versions, watching one right now), summer rental, etc. i really like any masterpiece theatre discs.

maybe i should start a list of all the movies/shows i netflix each year like books...seeing as how i'm watching more stuff than reading these days...and give them stars...for everyone's use ;-)

Goodboy Norman Featherstone said...

I recommend the one-time purchase of the Roku box from Netflix. It's $100, and it allows you to watch all the watch it now movies on your television instead of your PC. We've had it for over a year and love it!

Page said...

We LOVE netflix and do the three at a time as well. Right now we've started watching LOST and are hooked. Another cool thing is you can set up different queue's under the same account. Rob has one and I have one...he gets two at a time and I get one. We also cancelled our cable and just watch netflix. Rob got a digital antenna for $50 so we can watch NBC and ABC and a few other channels (I wanted that for hurricane and other weather emergencies). Next, we are going to get that thingy Norman mentioned since we liked theirs so much when we visited.