Wednesday, April 1, 2009

a few more weekend details...alternate title: bunnies!

first things first...punchy asked in yesterdays comments how i got so much done last weekend while i was 'in the closet'...she knew that we had some bad weather in these parts on friday evening and saturday afternoon/evening...bad as in of my biggest fears in life! when there are warnings for my county, yes i have been known to hunker down in a closet...with a flashlight, portable radio, and all the cats i can gather up...meanwhile the husband is normally up on the third floor laughing at me...BUT last weekend we were able to escape harm near my house and sunday the weather cleared up and that's when i got everything done that i got done! friday and saturday i pretty much watched radars all day long...and stationed myself near the closet.

see how sunny it was while tyler relaxed on the kitchen settee on sunday afternoon?
friday i took off from work early and stopped by the tailor shop to drop off some items...right next door is a tuesday morning store...i decided to pop in and look for some Easter decorations...

bunny #1

bunnies #2 and #3

close up of bunny #3

his 'wife' bunny #2

and i also found that little bunch of carrots
tuesday morning was having a sale: buy one clearance item, get a second for 50% i got all 3 bunnies and the carrots for a grand total of $12!!!

tyler really isn't impressed...he'd rather we spent $12 on cat toys or treats

while my bunnies were the best deal i got all weekend...the following is the best thing we've EVER purchased for our house:
little window screens for our front windows!
we live in a small 'village' that's modeled after colonial williamsburg...and there are certain rules and regulations regarding the being no screens are allowed in the front windows...we have screens on the side and back windows but even when you open them it's difficult if not impossible to get a nice breeze blowing thru the house...and especially in the spring, i love to open all the windows on the weekends and 'air out' the early saturday morning i noticed our neighbors 2 doors down had these...i immediately sent the husband to get some for us!
can you SEE the fresh air coming in?

and lest you are fearful the cats are going to fall out the windows...i close the plantation shutters for kitty safety!
happy april! may it be nice enough outside for you to throw open your windows today


Punchbugpug said...

Ahhh, I knew you stuck close to that closet!

Seems those bunnies might be multiplying at your house? Cuteness and good deal too!

I never realized you had no screens in the front. I think we have some of those screens hanging about somewhere from "pre-storms/screen" days.

Swampgirl said...

Those bunnies are really cute! They look like paper mache! And I think those screens are the greatest! I would love to have some in my kitchen...if the windows were not painted shut...with a century of paint!

Goodboy Norman Featherstone said...

I want to see a photo of you and your cats in a closet. That's something to see!