Monday, April 13, 2009

easter weekend update/bloggy meet 2008 revisited?

it was VERY nice to have a long weekend but i find myself asking where it went to so fast?

friday we went to the garden shop (attention bloggy meet 2008 attendees: it was logan's, the place where we had lunch) and got some vegetable plants and all the annuals i need for spring/ was a very nice day and we got everything we just have to sit back and wait for our bountiful harvest! i made a simple quiche with a lot of veggies for dinner and we watched a dumb movie...tornadoes were forecast so i was a bit on edge but nothing came to fruition, so sorry norman there are no photos of me and the cats in the closet downstairs...

saturday we went shopping for unc championship t-shirts at a nearby outlet type place...nothing to be found but the husband did get some new running shorts...i had a coupon for 30% off total purchase at michaels so we went there and i stocked up on paint...why? cause i got a LARGE order for the custom monogram canvases that are in my etsy store from a lady who owns 2 boutiques in texas!!!! just when i needed $$$ to pay for tooth implants she emailed me and asked if i'd be interested...weird how that all played out...but i'll take it...i spiffed up a frozen trader joe's pizza with some carmalized veggies for dinner and finished watching the gidget tv series i'd netflixed (is that a verb?)

sunday after easter brunch (attention bloggy meet 2008 attendees: we ate at 518 west, the same restaurant we had dinner) i concentrated on stocking my etsy store before the blank canvases arrive for the order (these items will be added in the next few days):

cherries bunting

girlie pirate bunting

fabric flower pin (i made one for my 'easter corsage')

patriotic july 4th bunting

i made penne with meat sauce for dinner and fell asleep watching another netflix movie to contemplate mass painting assembly lines....


Pam said...

I think netflixed is a verb. haha. I use it all the time.

I was in the closet Friday too with the tornado weather passing through. We has warnings for 2 hours!

Mrs. D said...

So I am behind on the netflix I missing out by not subscribing??

Goodboy Norman Featherstone said...

Busy bee! Congrats on the big order!! You can plant things already? Our last frost date is MAY 5th! Can you believe that??

Anonymous said...

Big news!!! I´m so happy for you!

Shannon said...

Ok, I MUST have that pirate bunting! SO cute!