Wednesday, April 22, 2009

earth day

today is earth day..
here are some of the things the husband and i do to help save the planet:
  • carpool to work
  • skip the plastic bags at stores
  • recycle all paper, plastic, cardboard, glass
  • plant a garden
  • take a bag lunch to work (in a reusable bag, of course
  • switching to glass containers instead of plastic for food storage
  • purchase products from environmentally friendly companies
what are you doing?


Pam said...

After you mentioned them awhile back, I got some of the nifty Envriosacks for my birthday. Love them!

We recycle everything that our center will take. I recently thought they were finally starting to accept mixed paper (box packaging) but apparently not. That annoys me.
I do most everything else on your list too minus the garden. My parents and inlaws do that and we mooch off them. We also try to buy organic when possible.

Generally, I think it's about being aware. I don't really want to get too political but a lot of things come about from legislation. Find environmental issues that are important to you and write your Senator or Representative. Together we can make changes!

Page said...

Winston wanted me to let you know that he recycles Sela's poos (what we call "truffle hunting"), so he's doing his part!! ;) We do the garden thing, but I don't think it will be very successful this year since we've had two near floods that have drowned my garden.