Tuesday, March 3, 2009

weekend update

i really should make an effort to do these on sunday evenings as i'm finding harder and harder to remember what i did (i think that's called old age)

friday: went to grocery store, picked up dry cleaning, made ravioli with spinach for dinner, cut out some easter banners

saturday: woke up to rain (take note as that will become a trend), picked up alterations, went to a birthday lunch here with cousins, got my 9 boxes of girlscoutcookies(!), trekked thru the mall, stopped in this new to me store...got totally SUCKED in:

stalked thru bookstore, slugged thru rain back to car, stopped at inlaws, went home, made pot of tea, watched it rain, took down valentines decoration, put up piddly st. pat's decorations (note to self:need more st. pat's stuff), read a few pages in a book, made an etsy sale (!), pinned easter banners, ironed clothes, watched something on tv...fell asleep
sunday: had banana bread for breakfast, read paper, watched it rain, anticipated snow, sold 2 more items on etsy (!) (soon i will quit my job, no?), washed clothes, washed sheets:

kady LOVES when i wash sheets
she snuggles in the comforter when it's balled up!
made a mexican casserole for lunches (recipe later this week), sewed easter banners and st. pat's banners, made chicken and rice casserole for dinner (recipe later this week), made up bed:
kady remade her 'nest'
read book, drank tea, waited for snow, watched tv (i have no recollection what), finally snow appeared at 11pm:
and we woke up to this!
did it keep me out of 'school' on monday...stay tuned....


Pam said...

Kady is so cute in her nest! We were suppos eto get some snow but it missed us entirely.

That tea store sounds great! I got a tea ot for Christmas but I've yet to make any tea. I have a bit of a stash I brought back from London, I wonder if it's still good. Does tea go bad?

Magnolia Sun said...

I wondered if yall got snow, it didn't make it this far south although my parents got a little bit. Love the tea store too.

Sandy said...

Yea...your etsy shop sounds like it's doing well. Sure is pretty to see the snow...but looks so cold. I can't wait to see the recipes.