Tuesday, March 31, 2009

finishing up some UFO's

despite it getting off to a rainy start, i managed to have a nice productive weekend!

firstly, i'm *thinking* about repainting our den:

(please disregard the cat hair in the background)...
someone had taken a nap in a dining room chair stratigically placed in the sun

who me?
here is a better shot of the paint chips...i'm leaning towards the lighter blue on the bottom...and re-painting the dining room this green (which is one shade darker than what it is now)...but time will tell if this project actually comes to fruition...

on to some completed projects:

i had a local order for an Easter cross

this wasn't really a UFO but i decided that winter is OVAH, so i put away the mitten/glove/scarf basket that was at the front door...good riddance, winter!

i finally finished painting the c-a-f-e letters for my co-worker (took me a year) (i blame the weather) (it's always too cold, too hot, too humid or too windy to spray paint)

i also finished the scrapbook paper decopauged bird house

this project was originally intended to be an outside decoration but i've never been thrilled with it (hence the looooooooooooong delay in finishing it)...however, the other day when i was tidiying up the craft room the idea came to me to use it as an Easter decoration!

so i finished it up this weeekend and added 2 little chenile chicks peeping out the 'doors'.
TWO UFO's finished!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! how productive of me ;-)
more weekend antics to follow....


Pam said...

The birdhouse turned out really cute. It looks great as an Easter decor.

Mrs. D said...

Love, love, love the birdhouse. Makes me wish we could actually experience some spring weather!

Anonymous said...

turquoise is my fave color so, if you're taking votes, I have to go with that one! :)

Punchbugpug said...

How did you get all that done from inside the closet?

Swampgirl said...

The "Chick" house is so cute! Lulu would love to steal those little chicks! She has stripped my Easter tree of all my little chicks.