Thursday, March 5, 2009

books read in 2009

i'm really dragging on the book reading this's march and i've read 3 this rate i guess i will read 12 books this year LOL!

as something different, i'm going to rate books this year on a 5 star rating method...

one star = don't waste your time
two stars = wait until you find it at the used book store...which may be never, but that's okay too
three stars = wait and check it out at the library
four stars = you need to put this book on your reading list
five stars = RUN to the book store now

18. the king of lies, john hart
17. simple indulgence, janet eastman(***)
16. the big steal, emyl jenkins (***)
15. the fixer upper, mary kay andrews (*****)
14. the last child, john hart (*****)
13. all american girl, meg cabot (**)
12. summer on blossom street (***)
11. mommywood, tori spelling (****)
10. stori telling, tori spelling (****)
9. certain girls (***)
8. blue smoke, nora roberts (****)
7. strawberry shortcake murder, joanne fluke (***)
6. chocolate chip cookie murder, joanne fluke (***)
5. mad girls in love, michelle lee west (*****)
4. on account of conspicuous women, dawn shamp (*****)
3. down river, john hart (****)
2. ordinary springs, lenore hart (****)
1. the last girls, lee smith (***)

ps: this is my 600th post...yippee!



Pam said...

are the books by lenore hart and john hart related or is it just a coincidence that they have the same last name?

girlville said...

pam, that's a coincidence that totally got past me, lol. you are quick.

The Antiques Diva™ said...

I'm loving your book list!