Friday, February 6, 2009

winter blues swap

pam and i both have been suffering from the winter i suggested we do a little swap to give us something to do other than wallow in misery AND get something nifty in return. the rules were: minimum 3 items, they had to be handmade by us and mailed no later than january 31st.

you can go here to see what i sent pam.

and here's what came in MY mail this past monday:

not one but 2 of the zippered cases she's been making...the photo does not do them justice...pam is a master sewer... these things have french seams people...FRENCH seams...can you say fancy?

close up of one...the fabric is soooooo cute!

and a mini tissue holder or my purse...which is a good thing cause i never ever seem to have a tissue when i need one...

and a crochet hook/needle roll...i'd been thinking of making one of these and now, i don't have too! i like to take crochet on long car rides and am always dropping a hook and losing it under the car seats so hopefully this will help remedy that.

all the fabrics were kitty kat and super cute...i don't know what her fabric source is (probably hobby lobby...oh how i want a hobby lobby...hobby lobby, if you are reading this, please come to my city) a bonus...she sent chocolate...the cure for all that ails you!

2 chocolate covered oreos & a chocolate covered graham cracker from a local chocolatier near her

swaps are so much FUN! if anyone is interested in doing a swap please let me know...pam and i were talking about doing swaps a couple of times a year...maybe once per let us know your thoughts!

have a happy weekend



Mrs. D said...

I'd love to do a swap but I have no sewing ability at all. And my knitting supplies are still sitting in the basket I put them in over a year ago. For shame.

Sandy said...

Those items are so so so cute! I love that kitty fabric. Choco covered Oreos....DANGER DANGER.

Pam said...

I'd love to do a swap again. It helped me get off my butt and do something.

Punchbugpug said...

I can practically taste those chocolate items! YUM! Love all the stuff, and YES, love Hobby Lobby!!!

A swap sounds like fun. I'll swap P! HAHA Only kidding! A swap does sound fun!

Swampgirl said...

I love the idea of a swap, too! All of those Kitty fabrics are so cute -haven't seen them at my Hobby Lobby or they would have come home with me!