Monday, February 16, 2009

weekend update ~ valentine's edition

friday: we went to the grocery and then to 'M's to help her instal her brand new fancy schmancy hdtv...she got us all chinese takeout for dinner...yum

saturday: main goal was to NOT leave the house all day long...vacuumed, dusted, did laundry, made a pot of chili to freeze for lunches, cut out a pair of wide leg lounge pants, figured out i cut out 2 fronts and NO backs, kicked myself, cut out another pair in a different fabric, tried to make some tea wallets, all 3 turned out wonky, decided to give up for the day...for dinner made 'breakfast':

fruit cup, blueberry muffin, scrambled eggs, turkey breakfast sausage (or maybe it was chicken, i don't remember) was SO GOOD!
sunday: more laundry, more house cleaning, went to fabric store to replace fabric i miscut, couldn't find it, freaked out, looked further, freaked out more, finally found it, it was on super sale ($1.99 a yard now), went home, washed fabric, cut out the right pattern, prepared and baked an enchilada casserole for lunches this week, packed up everything but the kitchen sink, went to 'M's to watch the daytona 500, ate appetizers, sewed, painted, hand sewed, watched some tv, ate chili for dinner, was totally disappointed in the race ending (boo rain, what a let down), packed everything back up, drove home, unpacked everything, watched tv, went to bed.
and is one of the 3 practice tea wallets:

it's a wee bit wonky...but the first person to say they want it, it's in the mail to you!
happy prez's day...why do i NOT have off?


Pam said...

The tea wallet is super cute!

Oh, I cut two fronts on some PJs some time back. It was so frustrating! Glad you foud fabric to replace the mistake..and on sale to boot!

ezeldabeth said...

i would love it....wonky=charm :)

ezeldabeth said...

oops i email = beth(at)odditycomics(dot)com

AM said...

That is so cute! Put some in your ETSY shop and later this year I will order two for my SIL and MIL for Christmas. That will be great for them to take to work.

AM said...

Oh, and I love your weekend recaps. Never stop. I like hearing about everything.

And I am jealous that you have muffin pans and I do not yet. Sigh. Hopefully our stuff will arrive next week. I have muffin mixes on hand ready to be used!*

* thinking about buying new muffin pans anyway though. Mine are metal, and are two pieces joined together (you know what I mean?) I think I want to get silcone pans. What do you use?

girlville said...

AM: i will put them in etsy shop as soon as i can perfect them...hopefully that will be by christmas, lol.

muffin pan: i have mini, regular and jumbo size pan(s) and they are all metal. the mini are pampered chef. the rest are just from homegoods type stores. i prefer chicago(?) brand. i'm not certain i would like the silicon as i try to avoid plastics. but that's just part of my whackyness...

Sandy said...

Very cute!