Tuesday, February 10, 2009

total random post with a lot of ?s thrown in...

1) has anyone ever been to disneyLAND? as in california? i am going to LA in june and am tossing about the idea of visiting since i may never go back to california, ever... also, i have enough disney dollar points on our disney visa to get in for nothing...so tips/advice/etc. is greatly appreciated!

2) have you noticed the little 'poll' at the end of each post? please check one each time you read!

3) if you had a really pretty pair of shoes but they hurt your feel really pretty bad...as in by 4pm you are hobbling around...what would you do?

4) back to the swap idea...would you prefer being paired up with someone (like pam and i did) or making 'x' number of something, mailing to person in charge of swap, and getting 'x' different number back (like the bird swap i did)? AND how often would you like to do a swap? i was thinking quarterly...

5) back on my snow day page asked what snow cream was...well it's basically milk, vanilla and snow...there are several 'recipes'...i just mix a lot of snow with a can of fat free eagle brand milk...instant ice cream! here is a link to a lot of recipes...unfortunately i don't think page will be getting to make snow cream in florida.

6) if you watched j&k+8 last nite...did you think kate acted really odd on the interview love seat???? as in there was no love on that loveseat...

7) back to #1...have you ever been to LA? if so what are some not to miss things?



Pug(s) and Bugg said...

Ok, re: J&K+8... I love that show, did not see last night's but man... some episodes there is NO love on that loveseat it gets awkward. The guy on The Soup made fun of it, they played a clip of her snapping at him and then the host goes "Next week, on Jon minus 9..." and showed a picture of him on a wakeboard smiling, haha.

Shannon Hillinger said...

1) Get there at opening and go directly to the big rides you want to do most (space mountain, matterhorn, what have you).
3) Try insoles
8) http://maps.google.com/maps?oe=utf-8&rls=org.mozilla:en-US:official&client=firefox-a&um=1&ie=UTF-8&q=donut+man+glendora&fb=1&split=1&gl=us&view=text&latlng=5225756548604844149 If you are there in June, you may be there in time for fresh peach donuts, in which case I'm jealous because I haven't gotten to try those yet. If not, they'll have the fresh strawberry donuts which are wonderful.

Pam said...

1). Never been. =(
2). okay
3). I've so been there. The pain we endure for fashion, right? If it's a pair that I normally know hurt my feet, I try to keep a backup comfty pair just in case.
4). I like the make so many then get an certain number back. That way, you'd get something from everyone participating and see the vareity (?).
5). I haven't had snow cream in ages! So yummy.
6). She was pretty weird last night. But, I typically think she picks on him way too much anyway. I just think she wants to be the center of attention a lot and since she was in LA during the filming of that episode, it was mostly about Jon and the kids.
7). Nope, never been to LA. Although we've talked about it millions of times. Does that count?

Kim said...

Yes Disneyland is great, it is the best of Disney World in one park!

But if you are looking for new Disney experiences you won't really get that you know? The only thing I can think of that is different is the matterhorn (sp). Oh and the castle is a little different.

girlville said...

kim, i don't really care that it will be similar to DW cause it doesn't look like we will make it there this year as planned (boo) so this may be my only way to get a disney fix this year!!! plus it will be essentially free. and i love free ;-)

Punchbugpug said...

1) never
2) okay
3) 10 years ago i would have suffered..today they'd go to Goodwill
4) I'm game for whatever other peeps want to do
5) I'm picturing the dirty, salty snow here and getting grossed out
6) She always acts that way? I think that's how they are with each other.
7) No...

AM said...

I havent see this week's episode. I wont get it until tomorrow, MAYBE tonight. I DID see her on Larry King live the other day! She was being interviewed about her thougths on the Octopulet mom. I could tell she thought that lady was CRAZY.

Oh, about the swap. Maybe pair up? Seems like the other way would be expesensive for shipping?

Page said...

1. never been
2. yes, ma'am
3. i wait until i forget the pain they originally caused me and convince myself to wear them again.
4.i'm not crafty :(
5. i don't know what to think about eating snow (off the ground??)
6. i missed jk8!! darn! i'll have to catch a rerun
7. closest i've been is san diego...which i LOVE!

Swampgirl said...

I've never been to DL, but would go in a second if given the chance! We're going to WDW in June- can not wait!!!!It will be my birthday!!! I don't watch J&K+8 because I watched it once and found heer to be quite the b_____!
Get rid of the shoes...but if they happen to be those really cute ones you had on in October- send them to Alabama! I think multiples on the swap- just not too many or I will never finish!

Random Musings Of My Life said...

I used to live in LA so here are my recommendations.

I personally think Disney Land is OVERRATED!! I was so disappointed. I mean if I was 7 it would have been a blast. It was "fun" but I expected so much more. If you are getting in free I suppose it would be ok. My favorite "ride" was Bugs Life. I laughed so hard.

You should go to Hollywood and see the Hollywood sign, when you are there (best spot is the Kodiak theater)stop at the California Pizza kitchen and order a sandwich with spicy slaw its SO DELICIOUS!!

And put your feet in the ocean... Santa Monica pier has a great Mexican restaurant..

If you have any questions about stuff you are thinking of doing email me...