Wednesday, February 25, 2009

my synopsis of tonite's episode of lost!

one word: huh?


ps: this show could NOT get any better...

pps: my head (along with someone else's) exploded...again


Sandy said...

you guys are so funny about describing that show!

Swampgirl said...

I think you need to write a recap - in simple terms that I can understand-I am truely LOST!!!

PS- the chandelier is made of the top of a silver salt shaker with wires running out of the holes, hand strung crystal beads and a vintage rhinestone earring! In other words neccessity is the mother of invention!

ezeldabeth said...

ive never watched lost before this season, i watched the "recap" episode where they had all the words at the bottom filling watchers in as it thinking that maybe they ought to do that every week?

Pam said...

I think that was my least favorite episode of the season so far. I sort of felt like we were just watching some things we already knew in a way but just to confirm how they happened.

Although, it was interesting to see that the other plane crashed too. Wonder where Frank and the female (presumably Sun) took off too in one of the boats?.