Thursday, January 8, 2009

reduce, reuse, recycle ~ calender version

it's january...a new year...time to change out the calendar

here's the 'new' calendar in the kitchen

but if you look real the corner of each will notice that it's actually a calendar from 1998!
i have purchased two poster calendars ever year for the past umpteen years and this year since i was trying to save money and reuse what i already have wherever and whenever possible i asked the husband to research and see if a past year's dates happened to fall exactly like this year' he 'did the math' and discovered that 1998 was the same as 2009...sweet!
here is my stash of 5x7 calendars

and my stash of 11x14 calendars (i counted 15 years worth)

2004 was also the same as 2009

see, 2004 very can barely see it

so 2004 is hanging in the upper hall!
i saved about $75 by reusing old calendars
be sure to come back tomorrow for my bloggaversary (for reals, how do you spell that word??) contest did notice the ticker over there on the left, didn't ya?


Goodboy Norman Featherstone said...

I'm pretty proud of you. I would think that teeny little 2004 down in the corner would freak you out all year long. We'll see if you make it through the entire year ...

Pam said...

That's a great idea. Pretty calendars too. A fellow I work with does the same thing with wall calendars. He has a bunch of old Far Side ones and such that he reuses. I did a double take one day several years ago when I was walking by his cube and saw that the calendar was dated from a year in the 90s.

Punchbugpug said...

Aren't you just the clever one! Problem with me is 1) I don't buy that style calendar 2) The ones I do buy I write ALL OVER...but...I have calendars dating back to COLLEGE...sort of like a little history...ya, know?

Mrs. D said...

I like it! I would have never even thought of that.

Magnolia Sun said...

Good for you, saving all those trees!