Tuesday, January 6, 2009

punching away!

in an effort to be more frugal this year and use what i have in creative ways last nite i got out my trusty 3" scallop punch (that i am in love with)

and i took all of last year's christmas cards that we received along with this years and punched out designs/whatnot that i thought looked interesting:

perhaps you recognize your card???

i thought they'd make great gift tags for next year! i had WAY more fun with this than you'd imagine...i think they look like tiny pieces of art...i could just look at them all day...do you 'upcycle' any christmas stuff?

more frugality tomorrow!



Sandy said...

that is such a great idea...I love my punches, too.

AM said...

that is a PERFECT idea. I let Emma cut ours up for fun. So far, she's only done about 6, so I have plenty left to get crafty with.

Goodboy Norman Featherstone said...

You excluded the best part of Swampgirl's card - the Pug! That card was totally the best card ever. Woman is going to frame it she likes it so much.

girlville said...

norman, never fear - i DID make one of the pug!!! that's only a sampling of the approx. 50 punches i made...i got as many punches per card as i could.

Magnolia Sun said...

Now that's a great idea, I'll have to remember that next year.

McDizzle said...

Hey! It's Kbean; I've just changed my name. I've also got a new blog, so that's why I'm commenting to let you know the new address.


Swampgirl said...

Ha! I love that idea...I need the punch because I have some leftover cards! With my memory limitations I might forget and send the same card next year!