Wednesday, January 14, 2009

long time no post

busy busy busy...that's me...a busy bee...i'm thinking of hiring guest bloggers to post for me! pay would be nil...any takers?

yesterday at lunch i broke resolution #3...but i could wallow in the yumminess of this is destined to become aprons, birds and banners...i'm all into decorating the house for winter...when i took down christmas it looked naked and sad...i need happy and warm...cause it is anything but happy and warm outside here...if it's going to be this cold i need snow:

so i made an altar to snow in the kitchen window!

and now to toot someone else's horn...i am running precarioulsy low on notcards so i asked sandy if she would be interested in making me any...before i could get back to her with what i was thinking design wise she had made a set of ten and put them in the mail:
they came packaged professionally in a clear plastic 'box' (there was also a nice ribbon wrapped around the container but i took it off for this photo)
here are some of the cards

close up

i am beyond thrilled with them! sandy did a great job and she should start selling them in some fashion. don't y'all think so???

i gotta go watch LOST!!!!!!


coming soon: vintage robes (per AM's request) and a giveaway next tuesday...


AM said...

What??? What!!!?? I thought Lost didnt start until next Wednesday the 21? What's up?

And those cards Sandy made are awesome! Yes, she needs to start an etsy shop!!!

Sandy said...

I like the snow things in the window! It's cold here, too! Yea! I'm so glad you liked the note cards. I need to get a bit better at them before I try to sell any. It was fun to actually have a project to work on.

Goodboy Norman Featherstone said...

Your altar looks great. We got some snow yesterday, so it must be working! Maybe the snow will make its way over to you. Those notecards are beautiful!

Pam said...

Sandy did an awesome job on those cards. They really look great.

And look at you with all that new fabric!! I like the cherry one peaking out from under all the others.