Wednesday, December 31, 2008

tales from the paraNORMANal....or some things i got for christmas

okay, i took some time off from blogging - so shoot me...i had a nice christmas but am very thankful that it's over!

i got boxes from bloggers, my secret santa gift, gifts from family, is a small sampling of what i got...

on the same day i received a package from norman and from my secret's some of norman's package:

cookies made by the woman, meringues 'made' by norman and a FABULOUS poster norman picked up at a art fair over the summer (really norman, i didnt' know you got out of the house that much!) that i'm anxious to frame and hang in girlville...i'll show a picture when i do!

here are norman's meringues...they are very interesting looking, no? they do taste quite good though!

i emailed norman's woman one day from work last week thanking her for all the gifts...the conversation went like this:

me: "...I got my Box o’ Goodies late last week and they are the bomb! Thanks so much. Those sugar cookies were sooooo yummy. We ate a bag of them for dinner one nite, lol. I am saving the muffin mix for a nice weekend breakfast after Christmas, but I may just drink that vanilla."

her: "....The “muffin” mix is actually scone mix, so don’t go putting it in muffin tins. They’re best as “drop scones.” I tried to make the wheel of scones one time, and they weren’t as good. So, just add water and drop them by big hulking spoons full onto a cookie sheet. The vanilla is a treat from my trip to Mexico....."

me: "...Okay, at first I thought the bag said scone mix, but I would have sworn that when I put it away in the pantry yesterday it said muffin mix??? And I was like: I thought it was scones…now I cannot wait to go home and look...."

her: "...They were scones when I sent them. Perhaps they have morphed … Weird..." i couldn't wait to get home and check out the muffin/scone/whatever mix:

holy flipping cow!!! it DID morph into muffin mix!!!! that's spooky...

the next box was from my secret santa, none other than the brand new homeowner: magnolia sun!

chocloate bar, REALLY dark chocolate bar just like i like (i'm saving it for an emergency), a pair of squishy christmas lounge socks (felt like clouds on my feet and went perfectly with my hello kitty christmas wide leg lounge pants i made), a packed of burt's bees stuff and a wine thingie that i don't know the proper name of BUT it somehow vacuums all the air out of an opened bottle of wine so it will not go works like a charm...i should do a video of when you reopen the bottle, cause it pops like a champagne cork! thanks MS for all my goodies!

the weather here was crazy warm over christmas...saturday nite i cooked dinner and we ate like regular folks at the kitchen table (as opposed to our normal hovering over the kitchen sink or eating on the sofa)...tyler was enjoying the fresh air coming in the opened windows and admiring the neighbor's christmas lights:

for dinner i baked a chicken in my brand new crockpot!!! i've never had a new crockpot, only hand me downs so i asked my mother to get me one for has a timer!!!

i had to sample the chicken to make sure it was edible ;-)
more gifts tomorrow along with new year's resolutions!
have a safe new year's eve


Punchbugpug said...

Well, glad to see your back!

I got the scone mix! HAHA I also got the vanilla...which I'd like to use for perfume.

The chicken looks SO GOOD.

Goodboy Norman Featherstone said...

LOL! They were TOTALLY SUPPOSED to be scones!!

Page said...

Yummy chocolate!! Boo Kitty loves it when I open the windows as you ever feel guilty that they can't run around outside?? I do and sometimes open the window when it's pretty cold just so Boo can enjoy it!

Sandy said...

Great gifts and that new crock pot looks so nice. I hope you are back to blogging more!! I have missed your posts.

Pam said...

What yummy goodies! Happy new year to you!

Magnolia Sun said...

I'm glad you liked your stuff and I really like that crock pot - very nice with a timer.