Tuesday, December 2, 2008

i should stay home on wednesdays more often!

last wednesday i took the day off from work so i could have a loooooooong holiday! the husband went to work as usual and i stayed home with the 'kids'...first we lounged in bed and read the paper and drank coffee...then we cleaned the house in preparation for christmas decorating on friday...i also spent a LOT of time painting and getting caught up on orders...

the neighbor had asked if we could get in her mail over the holiday as she was headed west to her mother's...when i went out to check the mail she has left this on our doorstep as 'payment':

we've never had sake before; have you?

then later on in the afternoon i heard a truck in our driveway...it was dhl delivery...hmmm, the neighbor specifically said she wasn't expecting any deliveries and we sure weren't...but he rang the doorbell so i went to see...he had a box...a box that clearly had flowers in it...'um, this cannot be for me' i said...'is this your name' he pointed to the label...'yes, but they cannot be for me. i never get flowers'...but i took them anyways and went inside with my lovely box before he could take it back:

indeed they were for me! a VERY nice surprise from am...they were and still are lovely a week later...i put them in a vase we got as a wedding gift and used them as our thanksgiving centerpiece and then kept them on the bathroom counter so i could feel like i was at a luxury resort:

and unbeknownst to am these were 'miracle' flowers...you see, ever since tyler tore a muscle/tendon/something in his back left knee a few months ago he quit jumping...no more jumping on the counters (not a bad thing actually), no more jumping on the dryer for naps, no more jumping on the bed (we made 'stairs' for him)....he's been on glucosamine for quite awhile now and while he's gotten better he still hasn't resumed jumping UNTIL these 'miracle' flowers arrived last wednesday...as soon...and i mean within seconds of me placing the vase on the kitchen island he lept up there and started chomping on them! he was healed! had i known that's all it would have taken i'd of had flowers delivered a long time ago! thanks for the miraculous healing flowers, am!

be sure to be here tomorrow for a holiday bloggy giveaway...cause regardless of what the husband says, sometimes i like to be a charity organization (right, sandy??)



Magnolia Sun said...

The flowers and vase are beautiful, such a sweet gift.

Random Musings Of My Life said...

What a nice gift! Flowers are such a nice surprise!

"M" said...

Sake is good stuff. Need to drink it hot / warm!

Goodboy Norman Featherstone said...

We love us some Sake. Our favorite is unfiltered cold sake. What lovely flowers!

Page said...

I am a fan of Sake as well...I prefer it cold, but I have had it heated. That was so sweet of AM...sounds like Tyler just needed some motivation! I hope his leg is all better soon!

Thank you again for the banner for my Bday! I love it!

Sandy said...

Oh my goodness..your flowers are so pretty. I wonder why he wants to eat the flowers? I like that vase you put them in, too. so elegant. Yes, it is good to be a charity org. when you can! I've been out of town and just got back last night so I'm slowly getting caught up on blogs.