Friday, November 7, 2008

UFO's ~ day 7

for your viewing pleasure, a partially knitted toddler sweater...said toddler is swift approaching 4 years old...this would probably only fit half of him:
as you can see i did complete a lot of it...appears that one side is finished and other nearly there
no sleeves in sight though, lol...i have ZERO recollection as to what pattern i was using....guess this needs to be tinked*!

happy weekends, everyone....i'm going to try to be productive

*tink=knit backwards, thus means to unravel


Pam said...

Oh...I hate having to unravel a project.

Magnolia Sun said...

I've never seen those little things that are on the end of the needles, I need to look for some of those.

girlville said...

MS: they are for when you abandon a project: so it won't fall off the needles, LOL. really they have a name but i forget what it is. they are at all craft stores right where the needles are.

Punchbugpug said...

yep a tink for sure....