Sunday, November 23, 2008

UFO's ~ day 23

1) these pics downloaded in reverse order...GRRRRRRRRRRR to blogger!!

2) this is a UFO i didn't even know i had, lol...i found it when digging for another UFO:

where did these come from??? why the autograph book i made nephew #1 when he went to orlando with in-laws like 4 years ago i think...

they took him to kennedy space center and animal kingdom...for all intents and purposes he fully believed he'd 'gone to disney world'...2 years late we took him for real and he was shocked and awed that there were FOUR parks!
anyhoo...while foraging for another unfinished scrapbook i found a bag with all of this stuff in it...i figured out what it was...but...

oddly enought the actual pictures from the trip are nowhere to be found???

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Pam said...

My pictures keep downloading backwards too. So frustrating.