Saturday, November 1, 2008

UFOs ~ day 1

since i've been a VERY lame blogger lately i've decided to participate in nablopomo and attempt to post every day in november...and i'm going with a theme!

the other day i was discussing nablopomo with punchy and we were joking about themes...the idea of UFOs (UnFinished Objects) came up and i decided to run with it...yep, i have at LEAST 30 UFOs to show and here's my first one:

a spring 'bee' pixie stick...i started it in may at the beach and never finished it...the story of my life...i chose this bee to be the first UFO i show cause lately i've been as busy as bee..

tyler says "don't listen to my mom...she's just making excuses for her laziness"



Pam said...

Love the theme! I have quite a few of those myself.

So is December going to be the items completed? ;)

Magnolia Sun said...

I'm doing this too, can't wait to see all the unfinished things.

Punchbugpug said...

Yes, that's a good theme...maybe you'll find you don't have 30 ufos!

Sandy said...

Yeah...I'm glad you are going to blog every day! I don't think you are lazy at all.

Page said...

It'll be fun to see all your work! Are these projects going in your etsy shop?