Tuesday, November 11, 2008

decision time...EDITED

MIL got a new sofa for her formal living room thus her mother's old sofa got the boot to the garage...the husband LOVES the sofa cause it's extra long and he can recline on it...we brought it over to the house for a test drive on sunday:
see our red sofa behind it? AM and i were discussing ways to rearrange my den and she suggested putting the sofa like this (see above)...'big blue' as the old sofa is called is a lot shorter than our current sofa.

so what do tyler and sophie think?

they say they don't care...they can sleep on any sofa!

here's a close up of 'big blue'...she has lots of buttons...IF we keep this sofa it will have to be recovered...and i may not do all the buttons...

here's 'big blue' on our current sofa wall..you can really tell how short she is:

it's a BIG difficult decision!

i will recover it in a red similar to what we have now....here is my whacky attempt to see what it would look like red:

any thoughts or opinions?
EDITED: i won't be recovering it myself but having my upholstery guy do it. and i will be getting rid of the current sofa.



Magnolia Sun said...

If it's comfy go for it, I think it would look great in red. How long would it take you to recover it?

girlville said...

MS: i'll have my upholstery man recover it. i won't do it myself. i will have to look for fabric first and that may take awhile as i'm not going to settle for anything unless i love it

Jarrett said...
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Pam said...

Will you be keeping both in the room or trying to choose one? I say go for whatever is the most comfortable.

girlville said...

pam, the current sofa will go. as in bye bye gone. out the door. so long. the husband hates it anyways.

Pam said...

Well, I sortof like where the sofa was. Only because I really like that reading nook you have over by the bookcases.

AM said...

yeah, I dont think I like the sofa in the new location.

I dont know how i feel about the new sofa. I am a very visual person, and cant picture it all reupolstered. Do you find it comfy? What about putting it in man room?

I thought the red sofa (alhtough I didnt sit on it) looked very comfy. One thing we talked about was making the room comfy and warm for you. THis new sofa doesnt scream comfy and cozy to me, but maybe reupolstered it will. Cant tell.

Thanks for sharing pictures!