Thursday, November 6, 2008

book review: Knit Two by Kate Jacobs

i haven’t done a book review in a good long while (although i have been reading, reading, reading hoping to surpass my ‘goal’ of 50 books read this year and beat pam, lol)…but i was given the opportunity to read an advanced copy of kate jacobs sequel to her much beloved ‘friday night knitting club’ titled ‘knit two’ by the publisher and thought the new book deserved a review.
back in 2007 i read ‘friday night knitting club’ and here’s what i had to say:

"the friday night knitting club ~ obviously i got this book solely due to the title! kate jacob's first novel takes place in manhattan at a small yarn store owned by single mother, georgia walker. when her daughter dakota's father reappears on the scene hoping for a second chance georgia finds her life in upheaval. there are several other characters in the 'club' each with her own drama. the book has a slow beginning and middle however the speed picks up near the end when an unexpected tragedy befalls the group. it took me awhile to finish this book...i started it way back when we were at the beach in april! i don't think that's necessarily due to the book but me being a procrastinator. once the story line picked up i sped thru it. it's a good book and not just for knitters."

i really liked FNKC and fell in love with all of the characters immediately…they were such a mixed bag of women all from different walks of life (much like all of us bloggers)…and after finishing the book i missed them tremendously…when i read a book i typically assign each character a physical identity (be it someone i know in my personal life or more often a movie star…cause i always think a book should be a into a movie!)…and i assigned each of these ladies a face…

when kate Jacobs wrote her 2nd novel ‘comfort food’ i was also given the opportunity to read an advanced readers copy…for reasons unknown to me, i didn’t really care for that novel…don’t get me wrong…it was a nice read but i just wasn’t drawn to it…didn’t assign faces to the characters…BUT wheniI got the email about ‘knit two’ i was very excited to see what kate had in store for these old friends!

i gobbled the book up in mere days…it picks up five years post FNKC so the characters are more mature, wise, seasoned and their friendships have further developed…i don’t want to give anything away if you’ve not read FBKC and may want to read that along with the sequel ‘knit two’ so i’m not going to be very specific…i do encourage you to read both of these books…kate jacobs is a great writer…she uses her words to create such vivid imagery and real characters…the women of the series are all so real and there is someone most anyone could relate to in the group…they are there for each other thru so many times be them troubled or joyous: life, birth, death, college, travel, jobs, relationships, tough decisions, etc. i wish i was a member of a group so tightly knit…but maybe i already am ;-)

thank you kate jacobs and publisher for giving me the opportunity to read this outstanding novel before it was published…the book comes out november 25th…kate also has a great website and a blog…kate, if you are reading this i hope that ‘new’ book you are working on is a continuation of this series…i already miss these friends again!

i've just checked kate's website and she will be HERE reading from this book on january 9th!!! i'm so excited to hear her read and meet her in person...



Punchbugpug said...

I have to get reading again. I need some books on tape for when I'm in the sewing scene.

Pam said...

1). I think you passed me long ago. I can't seem to finish #44. I was way ahead of my track from last year but I lost interest in Aug/Sept and fell behind.

2). I haven't read any of her books but they sound great. I'll have to add them to my list for next year.

3). VERY cool that you'll get to meet her!

Sandy said...

I've only read 20 something books so far this year. I'm reading some chapters in the Bible so I am doing some reading that I'm not counting as books.