Friday, October 3, 2008

sophie says:

greetings serfs and plebeians,

since the sandy person correctly guessed that i weigh a whopping 8 pounds i get to take over my mama’s blog today…really, i think i should be like norman and have my own blog…if only i had thumbs this typing stuff would be so easier.

anyways, last saturday i had to go to the vets. i was supposed to go the week before and had already sharpened my teeth in preparation, but the vet lady i was supposed to see decided to have a baby. therefore the vets people got a one week reprieve from me, sophie lou “the queen of all things, demander of much and biter of many”. i was all ready to go by 8:15 when my peeps shoved me in the carrier and put me in the car…my mama road in the back with me and let me stick my head out of the end of the carrier…i talked to my daddy, who was driving the car, the entire way there…i was telling him how i was gonna bite the first person i saw when i gots there…it only took about 5 minutes to get to the vets house and there was no one else there when we got there….which was good cause i always demand to be first at any and all things (pooping in the clean litter box, eating, greeting my peeps at the door, etc)…after a very short wait one of the vets people’s servant types called us to a room…i was forced out of my carrier and this person took me to the back and weighed me…the left the door open so i could see my daddy…i do not like to be weighed (what girl does?) so i was wiggly on the scale…this vet servant was very skinny so i chose not to waste my time biting into her…i was taken back to my daddy and mama and we waited for the real vet lady to come check me out….it wasn’t very long (they KNOW not to make me wait) before a vets lady i’ve never seen before came to check me out…her name was lola…the VERY first thing she did was inspect me fangs…obviously she had read my chart where it clearly states “WATCH”…which is vetspeak for : this one’s a vampire! once she saw how sharp my fangs where she knew to be careful of me…and her arms were ample and fleshy…i was plotting where to strike…the next thing this crazy lola lady did was turn off the lights and shine a bright thing in my eyes??? what was that all about? then she turned the lights back on and looked in my nose/ears and rubbed my entire body down…all the time i was watching her with my beady eyes….after listening to my heart and lungs she proclaimed me healthy and then proceeded to fill a couple of syringes with some fluids…she asked my daddy to pin me down so she could stick me…traitor daddy…the first jab she went ALL THE WAY thru my skin! i growled, sneered, hissed and lunged for her fleshy neck…but my daddy held me tight…then she poked me in the leg and said we were done…i was mad that i didn’t get a proper tasting of me a vet person before i was shoved back in my carrier…my mama said i was a good girl…we checked out and then got back in the car…

this is me fangs!

once we gots in the car, mama said we were going to run some errands…i’ve never run errands before…she opened the side of my carrier and i poked my head in and out but wasn’t sure about all the stuff going by so fast outside the car…first we went to a gas station…all I can say is man does it smell yucky at a gas station….then mama and daddy said they were taking me to grandma’s house….i have never been there and i like my grandma so I was happy…when we got there lo and behold they LEFT me in the car in my carrier…it was not hot outside, but still, I thought i was going to go inside…no one was home so mama and daddy just stole some stuff from the garage of my grandparents and then we were headed for home…i was eager to tell my lesser siblings how i was the lucky one and got to go for a ride in the car and on errands…on the way home i got very brave and came totally out of my carrier and roamed around the car…i stood on my back legs and looked out the window…mama said i looked like a doggie…i went up front with daddy too! he said i can start going places with hims in the car and being his ‘catdog’…when we finally got home i made sure no other cat had usurped my queendom and then i did my regular saturday routine: follow daddy, eat, follow daddy, poop, follow daddy, whack one of my siblings upside the head, etc….i held out for a VERY long time but then those drugs that lola the vets lady gave me kicked in and i could hardly hold my eyes open…i took a very long naps for the rest of the afternoon under my sun lamp …it was like i had eaten an entire container of catnip…i am glad that i don’t have to go back to the vets for an entire year (paws crossed) but my brother charlie has to go in october…good luck with that mama and daddy!

also, i have heard thru the grapevine that mama is thinking of making me a tutu and forcing me to wear it for halloween…HA!... i will never stand for it….i will shred it to pieces in mere seconds…i plan to be going as myself for halloween: a wee tiny black vampire kitty…watch out kids, i may steals all your candy!

that’s all for now,

sophie lou, queen of all that i survey

ps: this weekend is the annual Fur Ball so my peeps will be attending that…hopefully they can find someone to take their picture under the crape myrtle in the front yard and you can see how fancy dressed up they get!

pps: this took me forevers to write…maybe i don’t want my own blog after all


Page said...

Aw, Sophie, good job!! Sorry you didn't get to bite the vet. Maybe next time...

Pam said...

Dear Miss Sophie,

I'm so glad you decided to write today. I hate goings to the vets. Mamma and daddy always try to trick me but I know all so I wedge my body behind the dryer. They haven't caught on to my plan yet. Brother George always thinks he runs things around here and I let him think he does. I just act all cute and innocent but it's me that calls the shots. Mamma is always calling me someone named Dick Cheney but I don't know who that is.
Anyways, those are some very impressive bitin' fangs there and you would make a super vampire for Halloweens.

Jerry Cat

Punchbugpug said...


I am getting a little bit nervous that you like to bite fleshy arms? I mean I think I have fleshy arms and I could start to worry a little about how your going to feel about me visiting???? Can you be bribed???


Sandy said...

Sophie, sounds like you were a good girl and end up not having to bite anyone. But those vampire teeth of yours are something to fear! If you like fleshy, I'm your person. I'd like to see you be a catdog!