Tuesday, October 21, 2008

the great bloggy meet of 2008 ~ part 'the one where punchy picks out a house in north carolina'...

after everyone else headed for home punchy and 'C' headed back to my house to spend another day...yippee...the weather was fantastic, very warm and after a lunch of leftover pizza from 518 west we decided to hit 3 parade of homes houses...cheap ones...lol

exhibit a: this house is literally right around the corner from my house....the main difference between this house and mine is about 1.3 million dollars...i find it amusing that there is a million + dollar house about 1/4 mile from mine...

the outside

dining room ceiling...punchy and i could totally paint that!

punchy says: i could absolutely live in this house and sit on this outdoor sofa all day watching the golfers in my back yard...

the butler's pantry bar area...i like this look a lot and may implement it in the mantown bar

'C' really liked the master bath and closet

there was a settee IN the massive closet

massive closet...we drooled

wet bar area in the bonus room

exhibit b: this house was SOLD and was only 1.7 million:

it looked like a french chateau

outdoor pool and fireplace

mosaic sink in butler's pantry/bar (punchy could make one i'm sure)

fancy schmancy knob on faucet in powder room

cool chandelier in 2nd bonus room/sitting area

exhibit c: another million plus house right around corner from house #2

outdoor fountain on front walkway

outdoor fireplace on covered porch - yeah, we could live here!

punchy decided to buy!

after looking at houses that we could never own we went back to mine and hung out on the deck and talked for a large part of the day...it was so nice and warm out...MIL came for a short visit to meet punchy and the we went to the grocery to get some nice bread to go with dinner...i made pumpkin penne pasta with chicken and served it with bread/dipping oil...

after dinner we lit the tiki torches and the chimnea...'C' claims she saw a HUGE bug...i never saw any bug...but there have been bugs out there before...hUGE ones...it's the south after all...

for dessert we had s'mores:

but 'C' surfed the internet looking for proof that there are really bugs that large in the world...all the while keeping her feet up off the deck boards!

punchy roasting a marshmallow

the husband trying to scare 'C' by touching her foot with a stick...but she 'knew it was him'

in honor of Mrs. D and her south beach diet...punchy and i invented south beach smores! no graham crackers, lol

we went to bed around 10 or 11pm...sadly no kitties slept with punchy and 'C'...

monday morning i made scrambled eggs, chicken sausage and amish friendship bread....while the husband was at the orthodontist we ate and talked until the inevitable had arrived...departure

one last picture under the crape myrtle tree

we had a lot of fun and the goodbyes were tearful...

bye, punchy...i hope to see you again soon!

tyler and sophie spent the rest of the day looking for punchy...

but kady was glad to have her mama back to herself!

she says blog meet made her tired...



Punchbugpug said...

Was that only a week ago???

P asked me to please look at houses in smaller stature and less $$$$$$$$$$$$$

I swear, I saw that damn bug and you could have put a saddle on it and road it!

You two are the best!!!!!

Pam said...

Hello to that closet in that first house! Whoa!

Oh how fun to go look at those houses! Sounds like you both got some creative ideas. ;)

I so want a smore right now.

Sandy said...

Oh, those houses are amazing! Isn't it nice to have those in your neighborhood...your property values will stay high! I want that bath tub now!!!!! If I were ever lucky enough to build another house, I think I would try to get a tub like that. But at my age...probably won't happen. I love it that C saw that huge bug! I wonder if it was a devil??

Magnolia Sun said...

awww such a fun post. I think I'll take the first house, I really like the outside and the closet oh my goodness. I like the south beach version of smores too, exellent shot of the melting chocolate. Looks like yall really had a good time.