Tuesday, October 14, 2008

bloggy meet 2008

just wanted to say there WILL be a bloggy meet post at some point i'm just stupid crazy busy at work today!

also, to all the bloggy meet up peeps: i'm happy to report that i just went to walmart and they had a bazillion cans of pumpkin - they must have the market cornered...i'm all set for a few weeks now.

oh and one more thing, when the husband left the hotel on saturday nite that wedding party was returning and guess what they had with them...a PUG! he didn't have a cell phone to call back up to us but punchy says that probably for the best as everyone would have stormed the lobby and scared it to death...

more later,


Punchbugpug said...

Glad you found the pumpkin. I found it at our store too and bought a few cans just in case you couldn't find it. It won't go to waste, we'll put some in PJ's birthday basket!

Page said...

Love the story about the pug! It's so true..whenever I see a pug at random I scream like a banshee in excitement (like I don't live with two of them already). I guess I'm a little pug obsessed!