Sunday, September 7, 2008

goodbye, hanna!

in the end i didn't have to go beserk...we never lost power and by 11am the winds had subsided and hanna was headed we went to the grocery store, trader joe's and assembled 109 packets of notecards along with 'M's help for the spca to sell at furball (the notecards are identical to the invitations, just blank, we put 10 per cellophane bag and tied with a ribbon - the husband and my 'donation' to the cause).

all week along with freaking out about hanna i was even more freaking out about ike...for a while it looked like it was headed along the same path...and our fall vacation was starting friday after work...

BUT, thankfully it looks like ike will stay away from us (not that i hope it goes anywhere near anyone i know!) today i'm frantically cleaning the house and packing my bags...tomorrow starts 'blogging from _____________' you'll have to wait and see...


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