Thursday, September 18, 2008

the beach was a blast...

so last monday we went back to the beach (me, the husband, 'M' and MIL - FIL came on wednesday)'s some of my 'luggage':

here's more of my stuff + the husband's stuff + MIL's stuff:

all of our stuff + the one extra person just barely fit in 'M's car!

one word can sum up our entire beach trip: HOT!!! it was really really hot and humid last fact, we never even stepped foot on the beach...and we didn't go to the pool until saturday!

despite the fact that in this picture it looks cold, it was quite the opposite...on the bright side, the beach in general wasn't crowded:

MIL has to watch Y&R monday since we were en route and the cable at the beach doesn't have soap channel(?) she was bummed about missing a we set her up on the laptop with some headphones and she watched it tuesday morning:
she thinks watching tv on the internet is the greatest thing since sliced bread!

most mornings looked like they held the promise of rain, but it never just stayed hot and humid:

until one afternoon it did rain a little no means a storm or anything...while sitting at the kitchen table sewing i looked out into the distant sea and saw: a tornado, i mean, let me assure you that probably my GREATest fear in life is a tornado...but amazingly i remained calm during this situation and took some pictures and stayed on the balcony the entire time...the waterspout was short lived and just went right back up into the clouds...i wonder if it took some fish and whales with it?

here is the neatest picture i took:
i like the neon and the color of the sky...i have seen one movie at this theatre before...normally we don't go to movies when we are at the beach.

the last whole day we were there we stayed out by the pool for 2 whole hours until the husband said it was too hot and made us go back inside...i took these shots from the pool deck:

this isn't a poor quality photo, it's HAZE!! that's how humid it was!

we aren't going back to the beach until next spring (decided to pass on fall and go to wineries instead)...

while at the beach MIL made 2 pairs of wide leg lounge pants (as you all saw the husband model in the post below)...and i made up a bunch of halloween and thanksgiving banners which are now listed in my etsy shop or have been mailed to peeps who ordered one...if you ordered one and haven't heard from me, that means i forgot so please send me an email...

this weekend: decorating for halloween...YIPPEE



Nevis said...

My mom has like watched Y&R every single day that it's ever been on. Nuts, huh?

AM said...

I watch Y and R.... But Im lucky to see it once a week.

Are you going to new wineries or ones you've been to?

Magnolia Sun said...

I love the pic of the water spout, I also have a fear of tornados. I like the other beach shots as well.

Sandy said...

Looks like a great week at the beach. i'm with you about not going down on the beach when it's so hot. I'd be half out of it by the time I got to the water's edge. I'm always scared to drive over the bridge here during a storm because of those water spouts.

girlville said...

nevis, the Y&R fans are very loyal. my grandparents watched it too. it came on at 12:30 locally then was moved to 4pm. i thought they were going to flip out when that happened.

am, probably going to wineries we've already been to seeing as how we've been to the majority of them, lol. most of the nc wines aren't available in groceries around here so we have to go to the vineyard to get them which is the main purpose of this trip.

Mrs. D said...

Your beach pictures are great! Makes me wish I was there right now.

Pam said...

I bet it iws so relaxing to sit near the balcony and sew while at the beach. I really like that photo posted right before teh movie theater one, with the weird cloud. Very cool.